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People Just Do Nothing

The Kurupt FM Guys Tell Us All the Ways to Fuck Off Forever

The last season of 'People Just Do Nothing' starts today, so here's Grindah, Beats, Steves and Chabuddy G's advice for you on leaving jobs, friendships, group WhatsApps and more.
Hannah J Davies
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People Tell Us the Truth About the Song They've Played Most in 2018

Tonight, the BMI Awards are going to pick the winner of song of the year
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independent music

The Fight to Save Strongroom Studios Is Bigger Than a UK Story

The London recording studio and bar has hosted everyone from the Spice Girls and Chemical Brothers to Erol Alkan – these insiders tell us why it's worth saving.
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I Went to The Giant Cheeseboard, London's Answer to Fyre Festival

It stunk, etc, etc.
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Talking to Daniel Kaluuya about 'Get Out', Race and Samuel L. Jackson

"I’m not really comfortable with the words black and cheap being used in the same sentence."
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'Game of Clones' Is the Weirdest Dating Show Yet

The E4 show lets contestants "create" their ideal partner, then finds a bunch of people who look like that and hand them over.
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'Eden' Is the New Reality Show That Offers an Escape From This Fucked-Up World

But so far, it's little more than 'Love Island' in fleeces.
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TV Game Shows Are Dying and I'll Miss Their Shiny Pointlessness

Look, 'Million Pound Drop' and 'Deal or No Deal' may be the sort of telly that only your great-aunt still watches, but we need them.
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There Is Nothing ‘Four In a Bed’ Can’t Teach Us About Ruthlessness

The true power of a show about B&B owners competing for a completely meaningless title.
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