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start ups

Inside WeWork, Your Freelance Friends' Favourite Hangout

The "Uber of workspaces" has more than doubled its presence in London since March of this year.
Hazel Sheffield

Are London Rents Actually Getting Cheaper?

After years of rises, there are reports rents in the capital are finally falling, but if you rent in London will you actually feel the benefit?
Hazel Sheffield

An Interview with the Uber Driver Who Had Enough

Yaseen Aslam tells us about the issues drivers still face.
Hazel Sheffield

How the UK’s Self-Employment Dream Turned Into a Nightmare

The government's tax hike is just the latest issue facing those who "go freelance".
Hazel Sheffield

What Will Happen to British Institutions When the Queen Dies?

If you've been ignoring the monarchy most of your life, you're probably not ready for what a big deal it's going to be.
Hazel Sheffield
mental health

Debunking the Prime Minister's Plans to Save Mental Health Services

Theresa May's recent announcement is a fantasy.
Hazel Sheffield

We Went to Fabric's Grand Reopening to See If It Was Still the Best Club in Town

Tightened security and dismal weather couldn't dampen our spirits as we stepped into the London institution for the first time since it re-opened.
Hazel Sheffield
Vice Blog

What's Christmas Like If You Choose to Spend It Alone?

We asked a few people for their stories of solitary Christmas days.
Hazel Sheffield

All the Ways Jeremy Hunt Is Messing Up Mental Health Care in Britain

He's made promise after promise, but services are still in disarray.
Hazel Sheffield
Vice Blog

Instagram Could Be Making You Poor

The app is doing everything it can to drain your bank balance.
Hazel Sheffield
Aviva Selects VICE Guide to Finance 2016

How to Do the Most Complicated Money Stuff You'll Ever Have to Do

Here's how to go about applying for a loan, doing a tax return and getting a mortgage without having a meltdown.
Hazel Sheffield
Aviva Selects VICE Guide to Finance 2016

A Practical No-Bullshit Guide to Owning a Home One Day

We know it's not looking good, but if the words 'bank of mum and dad' make you want to break things, then this could be the guide for you.
Hazel Sheffield