Helen Meriel Thomas

Cum On Over

I Got Sex Advice from My Favourite Porn Star

Kicking off a new series of porn star interviews, Michael Vegas, AKA the "Pig Daddy", talks anal douching, pussy eating and the problem with mainstream porn.
Helen Meriel Thomas
Save Yourselves

A Guide to Sex Toys That Don't Totally Ruin the Planet

I put the best eco-friendly sex toys to the test, from solar-powered vibrators and low-airmile wands to, erm, a giant wooden dildo.
Helen Meriel Thomas

Inside the Queer Club with a Strict 'No Men' Policy

Queer and inclusive party LICK has now grown from a monthly club night to a permanent space. We were there for its launch night.
Helen Meriel Thomas

Introducing 'Wholesome Trapping', the Thirst Trap's Cutesy Cousin

If the thirst trap is about showing a little skin to remind the object of your horniness that you exist, the wholesome trap is about showing what a lovely down-to-earth person you are – in a hot way.
Helen Meriel Thomas

We Asked a Man Who Pays Women For Used Underwear: Why?

Consider all your questions about panty sniffing answered.
Helen Meriel Thomas

How Single British Millennials Adopted Their Love Language From 'Peep Show'

"I Super Liked you. And if you can’t handle it, you can just, you know, fuck off."
Helen Meriel Thomas
Valentine's Day

I Tried to Cuff in Time for Valentine’s Day Without Using Apps

I literally mean I printed out and handed out flyers instead, in what rom coms would suggest are the best places to meet someone.
Helen Meriel Thomas

I Tried to Find a Christmas Cuff at an Extremely Posh Dating Party

It was a mixer for Inner Circle app – a "selective" dating app.
Helen Meriel Thomas

All The Dating Apps, Ranked By How Badly They'll Disappoint You

If you use The League, you're a Tory.
Helen Meriel Thomas

Meeting the 24/7 Sex Slaves Inspired By a Sci-Fi Series

When John Norman wrote the 'Gor' books, he envisioned a fantasy world where all women were slaves to male masters. Now, his fans are re-creating it.
Helen Meriel Thomas