Ivy Knight

Ivy Knight is a former cook turned food writer and the author of three books. Born in Alert Bay, BC, raised in Glenwilliam, PEI and now based in Toronto, she is a French Canadian who doesn't speak French.

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How These 5 Restaurateurs Are Establishing a Kitchen Culture That's Safe for Everyone

“Stop mumbling that you can't afford an HR dept. You can afford YOU. That's how you start."
Ivy Knight
In the Belly of America

This Bar Is a 60s Americana Oasis on the Mexican Border

Inside Polite Provisions, an only-in-America kind of place.
Ivy Knight

Canada's Whitest Province Has Amazing Lebanese Food

How did a Lebanese place opened in 1979 end up being the longest-running family restaurant in the province?
Ivy Knight
In the Belly of America

The Drag Queen Who Accidentally Broke the Internet Slays at Brunch

When an alt-right joke about her backfired earlier this year, Gilda Wabbit found herself at the center of viral meme fame. But she's still singing opera over eggs Benedict every weekend.
Ivy Knight

In the Belly of America: The Former Cop Who Became an Avocado Farmer

JC Iamurri has been many things throughout his life. I spoke to him about guns, Girl Scout cookies, and the secrets to competitive arm wrestling.
Ivy Knight

Anthony Bourdain Wants to Publish the Next Great Teen Novel

I spoke with Anthony Bourdain and his collaborator Laurie Woolever about YA novels, the hallmarks of a good burger, and most importantly, the duo's new genre-busting cookbook, Appetites.
Ivy Knight

What Happens When You Age Fish?

Would you eat fish that’s over a week old? You're probably doing that already, and that might be just fine, according to seafood legend John Bil.
Ivy Knight

Seals Are Delicious, So Let's Kill and Eat Them

They're cute, sure, but so are cows.
Ivy Knight