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Cum On Over

Inside Gay Wrestling Porn with the Industry's Sexiest 'Jobber'

'Trophy Boy' Ty Alexander is an adult wrestler beloved for 'jobbing' – the art of losing sexily and getting thrown around the ring.
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sex and relationships

Inside Smooci, the Sex Work App Described as 'Uber for Escorts'

We went to the launch of the self-described “next-generation escort booking platform” to see if it had sex workers' interests at heart.
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Why Corporate Money at Pride Isn't Going Anywhere Soon

People bristle at the idea of sponsors and brand floats during LGBTQ+ Pride marches, but there are no easy answers.
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sex work

Sex Workers Are Having Their Earnings Confiscated in Trafficking Stings

Raids – or "welfare visits" – carried out by police are supposedly conducted for safety, but they're harming sex workers and failing to identify genuine victims.
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sex work

Student Sex Workers Reveal the Problems They Face at Uni

A growing number of students in the UK are turning to sex work to support themselves financially, but universities still haven't learned how to support sex workers.
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adult film stars

Five Adult Film Performers Share Their ‘Coming Out’ Stories

"Telling my mother I work in the porn industry is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done."
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ContraPoints Is the Opposite of the Internet

Combining humour, drag and philosophy, the American YouTube commentator is cutting through the culture wars with clarity and logic.
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sex work

Why British Sex Workers Will Keep Pushing for Full Decriminalisation

We spoke to The English Collective of Prostitutes about their new 'Make All Women Safe’ campaign, which takes aim at legislation that coerces women into working alone.
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Senior Sex Is the Last Frontier of Porn

The latest film in director Erika Lust's XConfessions series features John and Annie, a real life couple in their seventies who want to show people that there's no age limit on good sex.
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This Queer Journalist Wants to Unite Human Rights Defenders

After facing deportation from Russia to Uzbekistan, where homosexuality is illegal, Ali Feruz set up a new media network to support journalists covering LGBTQ issues in post-Soviet states.
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The Story Behind the Site That's Basically Netflix for Indie Porn

Started by filmmaker Shine Louise Houston and porn star Jiz Lee, PinkLabel TV is the subscription-based streaming service providing the erotic future liberals want.
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Harm Reduction

Revealed: How Local Authorities Are Trying to Help Drug Users

While the government ignores harm reduction evidence and cuts budgets for drugs services, local authorities are considering more progressive measures.
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