Jason Leopold

The 2017 Music Issue

Inside the FBI's File on The Fugs: The "Most Vulgar Thing the Human Mind Could Possibly Conceive"

Buried in a bureau file on the Doors is correspondence about how dirty the Fugs were.
Jason Leopold
The Restless Youth Issue

FOIA Docs Reveal an FBI Investigation into an Animal Rights Organization It Considers a Terrorist Group

The FBI has been keeping an eye on the Animal Liberation Front for decades.
Jason Leopold

New Details on the Infamous DC Madam Scandal Emerge

Revisiting one of the biggest scandals to rock Washington, DC.
Jason Leopold

If Your Bitcoins Are Stolen in a Major Hack, Will the FBI Help?

Did the FBI overlook a Bitcoin hack for lack of understanding, or because it views users as criminals?
Jason Leopold

An Exclusive Look at FBI Communication About the Accidental Drone Strike Killing of an American

We filed a FOIA request for all records the FBI had on Warren Weinstein, a US aid worker killed in a top-secret CIA drone strike in Pakistan. Our request was initially denied; we appealed. Here's what we found.
Jason Leopold
The Music Issue

A Close Look at the FBI's File on Wu-Tang Clan

​The FBI has always had a hard-on for gangsta rap music, specifically the creative forces behind the genre's most iconic and provocative hits. We used the Freedom of Information Act to find out more about the bureau's file on the Wu-Tang Clan.
Jason Leopold
The Borders Issue

Homegrown Hate: An FBI File Hones in on Domestic Terrorism

In November 2014, Larry Steven McQuilliams, who identified himself as a high priest of the Phineas Priesthood, went on a shooting spree in Austin. We filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI for everything the bureau had on the Phineas...
Jason Leopold
The Up Close and Personal Issue

How the Government Monitored Twitter During Baltimore's Freddie Gray Protests

This month's FOIA should serve as a cautionary note to activists using Twitter and other social media to promote their causes.
Jason Leopold
behind the bars: guantanamo bay

Obama and Bush: How Do the Presidents Compare on Guantánamo Bay?

It depends what you prefer: headstrong mistakes or broken promises.
Jason Leopold