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J Hus Is Playing the Game, for Now

'Big Conspiracy' is a rich, meditative thought from the UK rapper. It's also the next – and not final – step in his journey of self-realisation.
Jesse Bernard
Remembering Things

Looking Back on the 10 Underrated Moments of Giggs’ Career So Far

With new album 'Big Bad', it's clear the UK rapper is a legacy act – one who bridged the gap between UK and US, and influenced hundreds.
Jesse Bernard

If 2019 Is Good to Us, Afroswing Will Be More Than a Trend

The cluster of west African and Caribbean diasporic sounds in the UK deserve a longer stay than a passing moment.
Jesse Bernard

How Grime Grew From London into a Thriving International Entity

Worldwide scenes have been popping up for years. Now, with some weight behind them, they’re gaining a cultural foothold in their areas.
Jesse Bernard
Noisey x NTS x YouTube Music presents Unearthed

Kojey Radical's Taste is Broad and Full of Surprises

We spoke to the London based artist about the music he's unearthed, alongside NTS Radio and in partnership with YouTube Music.
Jesse Bernard
we saw this

Stormzy's 'Gang Signs & Prayer' Depicts the Struggle of Faith and Life

Among the many themes is one big takeaway: we’re all in control of our own destiny.
Jesse Bernard

How Funk Has Been Made to Feel Brand New Across the African Diaspora

From The Internet's solo albums to Nao and Togolese 'voudou funk', the sound is bumping its way across the globe like never before.
Jesse Bernard

Introducing New Gen: the 22 Artist Movement Shaping the Future of Urban Music

These are the Skeptas, Giggs' and Dizzees of the future, and, alongside XL Recordings, they're bring out a collaboration album.
Jesse Bernard

Meeting the MCs Who Put Nottingham on the Grime Map

It might not be as big as London or Manchester, but through the bars of Snowy, Mez and Kyeza, Nottingham has more than enough to say.
Jesse Bernard

Unpacking Manchester's Blossoming Grime Scene

Ahead of BBC Radio 1Xtra's Street Studio session in Manchester this weekend, we catch up with local MCs and promoters to discuss the city's grime culture.
Jesse Bernard

A Look Inside Cardiff's Rap and Grime Scene

July sees the launch of BBC Radio 1Xtra’s ‘MC Month’, celebrating the bar-spitting glory that is urban culture in the UK. On the air, they’ll be jamming the station with a series of special features and sessions. And on the ground,
Jesse Bernard
The Noisey Guide To Music and Mental Health

As a Young Black Man, Rap Helped Me Deal With Depression When I Was Afraid To Seek Help

Too many black men feel unable to speak about mental health. But by talking about his own, Isaiah Rashad's music helped me understand there’s no template to being who I am.
Jesse Bernard