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Why That One Guy You Know Won't Stop Talking About His Cast Iron Pan

Popularised by 'Bon Appétit' host Brad Leone and the r/castiron subreddit, cast iron cookware has become the hobby of choice for obsessive food dudes.
Jessica Furseth
3 days ago
Save Yourselves

Plastic Bottle Recycling Machines Won’t Save Us

Morrisons is the latest supermarket to trial reverse vending machines, encouraging shoppers to feed in empty bottles in exchange for store credit.
Jessica Furseth

There's No Such Thing as a 'Fourth Date' Anymore, and Other New Dating Rules

A definitive guide to the new post-Tinder rules of romance.
Jessica Furseth

There’s a Wet Wipe Reef in the River Thames and It’s as Gross as It Sounds

Until about six years ago, wet wipes in London’s river ways were unheard of. Now, scientists have found an entire 'reef' near Hammersmith Bridge – and it’s destroying local wildlife.
Jessica Furseth

Preventative Botox in Your Twenties 'Is Just Self-Care'

We spoke to the people getting botox in their twenties and thirties to ward off the threat of future wrinkles.
Jessica Furseth
Save Yourselves

We Measured Air Pollution in Some of London's Richest and Poorest Boroughs

Do the capital's wealthier residents have less to worry about when it comes to the air they're breathing in?
Jessica Furseth

How ‘Africa’ by Toto Became the Internet’s Favorite Song

Somehow, this cheesy, emotional tune, which turns 35 this year, inspires unironic, almost undivided adoration across the web.
Jessica Furseth