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Don't Leave Us, Pizza Express, You Tired, Old, Expensive Gem

With the news of the high street chain's financial woes, we thought it was worth looking at what the restaurant has come to represent.
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Expensive Tat

Expensive Watches Are Completely Pointless

For example, check out these unimaginably disgusting luxury watches, and how long it would take you to afford them on a minimum wage job.
Joe Bish

The Top Ten Tories of All Time

A definitive run down of the best of the worst people around.
Joe Bish

Five Opinions I'd Be Happy to Defend on Good Morning Britain

For an appropriate fee, I'm ready to have a controversial take on just about anything.
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have a shitty weekend

All the Worst Valentine's Day Crap Happening Tonight

A "sex-themed" 10k jog? A night of vagina-based spoken word? It can only be the 14th of February in the worst city in the world.
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Why Alt-Right Vloggers Are in Scotland to Defend a Nazi Dog

In 2016, a Scottish man taught his dog to sieg heil to the speeches of Hitler. The story only gets weirder from there.
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VICE UK is Fifteen

Fifteen Things We’ve Lost in the Last Fifteen Years

RIP Music Journalism, Cyber Sex and the USA.
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Why It's So Funny That Paul Joseph Watson Is Flogging Shonky Brain Pills

His whole shtick was that you just had to look at the facts. Now even that's fallen apart.
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YouTube Channel of the Week

YouTube Channel of the Week: MonkeyBoo, the Monkey

He's just a fucking monkey. And that's OK.
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WATCH: The Reich Reenactors

We tailed a group of men playing at being the Waffen-SS and the Wehrmacht, to see if it's a harmless hobby or something more sinister.
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YouTube Channel of the Week

YouTube Channel of the Week: Gavin Webber, the Cheese Man

Perfect viewing for your early-morning comedown.
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nuclear war

What Happens If the UK Gets Caught in the Nuclear Crossfire?

As the US and North Korea trade threats, Britain should probably think about where it sits in all this.
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