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Far right

Revealed: How Britain First Disguised the Source of a £200,000 Donation

A VICE investigation shows that the far-right party set up a mysterious shell company to obscure where they get their funding from.
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Revealed: The Evangelical Money Behind Former Lib-Dem Leader Tim Farron

Farron's two-year stint as party leader was marked by constant questioning about whether he believed homosexual sex to be a sin.
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vice exclusive

The Government Won't Tell Us If It Has the Khashoggi Murder Tape; What's It Got to Hide?

Britain has been accused of cozying up to Saudi Arabia after the foreign office refused to confirm or deny whether they have a recording of the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, following a lengthy VICE freedom of information battle.
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vice exclusive

Tory MP with History of Islamophobia Was a Member of Racist Facebook Groups

Bob Blackman MP removed himself from the groups when contacted by VICE, and insists he never knew he had been added to them.
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football stadium architecture

How Does Stadium Architecture Affect Match Day Atmosphere?

The atmosphere inside a stadium has as much to do with its design as the fans inside it. We asked an architect who worked on Lyon's new ground how to create a truly noisy match day experience.
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​Do Football Managers Pigeonhole Black Players?

In his latest book, The Secret Footballer claims that managers pigeonhole black players into certain positions. Do last week's starting line-ups support his theory?
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​Post-Mourinho Blues: How Chelsea Fans Reacted to Jose's Sacking

Just two days after Jose Mourinho's sacking Chelsea were back in action against Sunderland. We spoke to fans at the game about the Special One's departure.
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​Explaining the Philosophy of Arsene Wenger

Following Arsene Wenger's philosophical French interview, we asked some academics whether he's the new Socrates.
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