John McDonnell


Wiley's Best Tweets from CockRock Festival 2013

He's spent the last three days arguing with the "pagans" and "reptillions" who bottled him off.
John McDonnell

Wiley's Best Tweets of Glastonbury 2013 So Far

It doesn't look like he's enjoying himself very much.
John McDonnell
The 10th Anniversary Issue

A History of Grime and VICE

How we dated Shystie and beefed with Tinchy.
John McDonnell
The Turning Gay Issue

Imaginary Friends

We saw Alessi’s second ever gig at the end of last year. Heavenly Records had taken over a bar off Oxford Street just before Christmas and we stumbled in all drunk and were like: “Wow! She’sssh amasssshing”. It’s an obvious comparison, but she sounds a...
John McDonnell
The Appalachia Issue

Killing Students

I first saw Friendly Fires live a few years ago at The Dublin Castle in Camden when the band were still at university and went under the awful name First Day Back. They sounded like an incredible cross between LCD Soundsystem and At The Drive In, but
John McDonnell
The Gangs Issue

Riding With A Heroin Gang

Selling drugs is wrong and illegal, but is it fun? I wanted to find out, so I found a gang of heroin dealers from one of the most economically deprived areas in London and hung out with them for a night so I could find out the answer to the above...
John McDonnell
The Kids Issue

Vice Recommends

Right now, I'm really liking laid-back hip-hop from the dirty south-the kind of stuff you could almost imagine people dancing to while lying flat on their back. They wouldn't exactly be dancing though, more just gyrating their hips very, very slowly...
John McDonnell