Harmony Korine Just Wants to Be Left Alone

The director, writer and artist says he finds a freedom in painting that's hard to come by in film. His latest show, 'Young Twitchy', is currently on view at Gagosian gallery in New York.
Jonathan Smith

Almost 25 Years Later, Supreme Is Still a Skate Shop

As skateboarding has morphed and followed (sometimes unfortunate) fads over the years, there’s something comforting in the consistency of Supreme.
Jonathan Smith
Why I Didn't Vote

I Couldn't Vote Because I Had to Work

The night of the US election, as the votes were being counted and I was beginning to see what was going to happen I just had this horrible, guilty feeling.
Kenzie Cutrone

Jonah Hill Made a Skate Film That Doesn't Suck

'Mid90s' captures what it's like to grow up a skate rat in a way no other mainstream film has.
Jonathan Smith

The Best Blog in Skateboarding Made a Book

Jenkem's new book is 300 pages of original articles and shenanigans never before seen on the web.
Jonathan Smith
Voices of School Shooting Survivors

Ten Years After Virginia Tech, the Momentum Feels Different

The Parkland kids are representing the common interest of the American people, and I think that’s why it’s sort of a watershed moment.
Jeff Twigg
Voices of School Shooting Survivors

I Was Hit by a Ricochet Bullet in High School

It was only after I was outside that I noticed I had been hit.
Rachel Gruenwald
Voices of School Shooting Survivors

I Jumped Out a Window to Escape the Gunman at Virginia Tech

I'm scared of heights, so when I got to the window and looked down I just thought, 'Holy cow. This is not my cup of tea.'
Alec Calhoun
Voices of School Shooting Survivors

These School Shooting Survivors Have Something to Say

VICE commissioned 15 essays from people who have survived school shootings over the past 30 years.
Jonathan Smith

We're Getting Rid of Comments on

But that doesn't mean we don't still love you.
Jonathan Smith

Jenkem Is Making Skateboarding Fun Again

Jenkem is a throwback to those simpler days when we could all laugh at ourselves and know that, like most things, at its heart skateboarding is so very, very stupid.
Jonathan Smith

Finally, an After-School Club for Satanists

The Satanic Temple is working to provide an alternative to Christian after-school clubs.
Jonathan Smith