Jordan Pearson

Tech news

Watching a Deepfake Being Made Is Boring, and You Must See It

AI-generated fake videos are hyped as a modern tech nightmare, and it's important to understand their everyday banality.
Jordan Pearson
Tech news

Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency Libra Is Already Under Fire From Lawmakers

US Rep. Maxine Waters called for a moratorium on Libra development until Congress can review the situation, joining a chorus of lawmakers in the US and EU expressing concern with the project.
Jordan Pearson

Why NASA Is Renting the International Space Station for Dirt Cheap

Companies will charge tens of millions of dollars for a single ticket to space, but NASA will see barely any of the money.
Jordan Pearson
Tech news

Microsoft Deleted a Massive Facial Recognition Database, But It's Not Dead

The database contained 10 million photos of 100,000 individuals including activists and journalists.
Jordan Pearson
Games Opinion

'Battlefield V' Is Selling Nazi Stuff, and It's Really Weird

Microtransactions are amplifying an inherent tension in historical shooters to an uncomfortable degree in EA's WWII game 'Battlefield V'.
Jordan Pearson

Minds, the ‘Anti-Facebook,’ Has No Idea What to Do About All the Neo-Nazis

Minds is home to neo-Nazis, and wants its users to help decide what content stays on the site.
Ben Makuch
Jordan Pearson

The US Ban on Huawei Is Causing a Global Mess

The highly interconnected nature of the global tech industry means the US ban has wide ripple effects.
Jordan Pearson

Alleged Toronto Van Attacker’s Facebook Profile Linked to 'Incels', Praised Mass Killer

Facebook has confirmed to VICE that the post linking Alek Minassian, accused of killing 10 people, to the misogynistic group is real.
Jordan Pearson
Mack Lamoureux
Motherboard Homepage

What Would Happen If Nestlé Took All the Water It Was Allowed To?

A newly revealed document poses troubling questions for Ontario.
Jordan Pearson