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Investigating the Weird British Tradition of Putting KFC Gravy on Your Christmas Dinner

For many British families, nipping to KFC on Christmas Eve for a pot of gravy—made from leftover chicken scraps and stock—is a yearly ritual.
Josh Barrie

This Farmyard Fitness Festival Wants to Get Millennials Drinking Milk Again

“I know a lot of young people don’t see milk as particularly healthy. It’s the same with meat—why do people not buy brisket anymore?”
Josh Barrie

A History of Stargazy Pie, England's Strangest Christmas Dish

Stargazy pie is an odd-looking invention—a dish where fish gaze up at the sky from a buttery crust—but it's more, too. It's said to be born of famine.
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Inside the Cafe That Serves Tea to Losers of 'The Apprentice'

For ten years, The Bridge cafe has been where losing teams from Alan Sugar’s reality competition go to nurse mugs of builders’ tea and talk (argue) about where it all went wrong.
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How Trump Is Threatening Kent’s Sea Snail Business

South Korea is one of the largest importers of whelks, an edible sea snail native to the British coastline. But with Trump’s military threats exacerbating tensions on the peninsula, orders are down.
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This Yorkshire Chef Makes Beetroot Taste Like Beef

For Tommy Banks of the Michelin-starred Black Swan, vegetables should be as exciting (or, in the case of his slow-cooked beets, as packed with beefy flavour) as meat.
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british food

Hull Patties Are the Deep-Fried Potato Snack Everyone Should Know About

You can’t watch a football game in Hull without eating a Hull pattie, herby mashed potato fried in beef dripping and served with chips.
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pub culture

This Landlady Turned Her Pub Garden Into a Community Vegetable Patch

“I had all this space outside and I just thought, ‘Why not use it for something worthwhile?’” explains Jan Parker-Brooks of Bolton’s Stork Tavern. “The children can learn about where food comes from and afterwards, I serve it in the pub for everyone.”
Josh Barrie

How Oatcakes Became Stoke’s Favourite Football Ground Food

A cheese-filled oat pancake traditionally eaten by miners, Staffordshire oatcakes outsell hot dogs and pies on match days at Stoke City.
Josh Barrie

How an Olympic Gold Medalist Lost a Bet and Ended Up Buying a Vineyard

Daniele Molmenti competed for Italy in the men’s kayaking at the London Olympics. Months earlier, he bet his cousin that if he won gold, together they would buy a vineyard. Molmenti won.
Josh Barrie

Preston’s Butter Pie Might Be the World’s Greatest Half-Time Snack

A match day favourite at Preston North End Football Club, butter pie is dense and nourishing and a little clammy. It's filling is pure, unrelenting, delicious fat.
Josh Barrie

How to Grow a World Record-Breaking Giant Oyster

Cultivated on Dorset coastline, Pete Miles' gargantuan oyster is half a kilogram heavier than the current title holder for world's largest oyster. “It would give you a hard-on for a week,” he says.
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