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A Death at Uni: The British Student Who Died During an Initiation Ritual

Ed Farmer's tragic death after a pub crawl is not the first time a British student has died after some kind of university induction.
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The Baby-Faced Far Right Terrorist Who Planned to Murder an MP

Jack Renshaw recently admitted that he had intended to murder Labour politician Rosie Cooper with a 19-inch machete, to "send the state a message".
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Sex, Death and Social Media at the Annual Porn Awards

Five female porn stars have died within the last three months. At the AVN Awards, there was a strange mix of acknowledgment and carrying on with business as usual.
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Why One of the World's Biggest Rockstars Got Away with Child Abuse

Ian Watkins' crimes were a new type of appalling, yet he managed to keep offending for four years after complaints were made to police.
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Safe Sesh

The Website You Need to Check Before You Take Ecstasy

PillReports has been keeping ecstasy users safe for nearly 16 years.
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Killers at 14: The Story of the UK's Youngest Double Murderers

Kim Edwards and her boyfriend, Lucas Markham, were sentenced to life for the murder of Edwards' mother and sister.
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The British Teenager Who Tried to Bomb a Tube Train

Why Damon Smith wasn't labelled a terrorist by the courts.
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New Neighbours

What I Learned Trying to Become a Pro Footballer in the UK

I think you have to be a bit faster and stronger, if you want to play professionally in Europe.
Helal Al Baarini

The Haunting Case of the 'Killer Cabbie'

After a night out with friends, a young woman disappeared. When police apprehended the suspect, he led them to another body.
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true crime

The Life and Crimes of 'Cannibal Cop Killer' Stefano Brizzi

The Italian invited a policeman to his London flat for a chemsex party, strangled him, chopped him up and, inspired by 'Breaking Bad', tried to dissolve him in acid.
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Inside the Criminal Trend of Stealing Laughing Gas from Hospitals

Steal NOS and sell it in balloons at a rave, and you've made £700 of pure profit, so it's no wonder thefts are on the rise.
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2016 Was the Year the Tabloids Won the War on Drugs

A new bill banning any and all "psychoactive substances" was the direct result of a moral panic started by the red tops.
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