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With BME People at Higher Risk from Covid, How Do We Solve Health Inequity?

BME communities suffer from higher levels of "pre-existing conditions" – and studies have shown that being a victim of racism can be bad for your physical health.
Kieran Yates
Social Media

The Lucrative Rise of the Virtual Influencer

Digital Instagrammers like Liam Nikuro and Lil Miquela present a unique opportunity to brands: they can be completely and utterly controlled.
Kieran Yates

The Injustice at the Centre of State-Related Deaths

Despite a decades-long campaign, the Ministry of Justice refuses to allow access to automatic legal aid in the event of a state-related death.
Kieran Yates
Grenfell Tower

The Life of a Former Grenfell Resident Still Housed in a Hotel

Nearly a year after the fire that killed at least 71 people, I spent the day with Amanda Fernandez, one of the hundreds displaced by the atrocity.
Kieran Yates
British Values

The Yarl's Wood Hunger Strike Is a Rallying Cry Against State Racism

It is our collective responsibility to keep shouting for these women.
Kieran Yates
British Values

Why Don't 'We' Talk About Mental Health?

We must stop shaming BME communities for "not discussing mental health", until it's safe to do so.
Kieran Yates
Notting HIll Carnival

How Carnival Honoured Grenfell

The events of mid-June hung over celebrations, but many saw Carnival as a prime opportunity to reclaim the streets around the tower and memorialise victims.
Kieran Yates
British Values

The State Continuously Fails BME Mental Health Patients

Another death of a black man in a mental health facility throws the issue into sharp focus yet again.
Kieran Yates

Meet Mr. Tee, the Welsh Muslim Ice Cream Van Man with a Cult Following

Tariq started out selling freakshake-style ice creams on council estates in Wrexham. Now, as “Mr. Tee,” he makes a living touring his hugely popular ice cream van across the UK.
Kieran Yates
British Values

Grenfell Taught Us Some Important Lessons About the Meaning of 'Home'

If the council's new taskforce is going to attempt to heal the community, it needs to recognise what the word means to people who lost their homes in the fire.
Kieran Yates
British Values

How 'British Values' Have Been Weaponised

Charting the progression of the phrase, from Tony Blair to Theresa May.
Kieran Yates
Views My Own

Is Having a Female Met Commissioner Really a Win for Equality?

For the first time, London's new top cop is a woman.
Kieran Yates