Liam Daniel Pierce

World Cup Replay

Diana Ross' Penalty Miss Is the Greatest Moment in the History of World Cup Opening Ceremonies

A perfect metaphor for America's relationship with the beautiful game.
Liam Daniel Pierce
La Liga

Fernando Torres Hospitalised After Suffering Serious Head Injury

"It's very ugly to see it, we were all scared but at least the news we have received so far is good," said Filipe Luis.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Transgender Wrestler Mack Beggs Gets Booed After Winning Texas State High School Girls Title

This is a 17-year-old kid.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Please Enjoy FIFA President Gianni Infantino Dancing Awkwardly to Zimbabwean Music

If we were being extremely charitable, we would say that Gianni Infantino's dad dancing was ironic.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Why Yes, This Taiwanese Super Bowl Animation Certainly Does Feature Trump as a Cheerleader

The best part of the piece is the phrase, "The Patriots have been here before, which is probably why everyone and their mother want them to lose." There is profound truth in art.
Liam Daniel Pierce
michael bradley

United States Captain Michael Bradley Speaks Out Against Muslim Ban

It's reaffirming to hear – both from a representative of the U.S. and a representative of the U.S. national team – that it doesn't always have to be us vs. them.
Liam Daniel Pierce
man vs beast

Human Races Against Horses, Loses Mightily After Pulling Hamstring

A man tried to keep pace with race horses and got robustly tromped.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Conor McGregor Coincidentally Pulls Up Behind Two Irishmen Pretending To Be Conor McGregor

It seems that you can pretend to be your favourite athlete and they'll conjure themselves out of thin air.
Liam Daniel Pierce
premier league

Leicester Captain Wes Morgan Signs Captain Morgan Contract That Gives Him Power to Buy Limitless Rounds

There are some fairly weird sub-clauses to the contract but, then again, the idea of getting a free rum and coke off Wes Morgan is pretty strange in the first place.
Liam Daniel Pierce
tax evasion in football

Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo Allegedly Involved in Massive Tax Evasion Scheme

According to information leaked to Der Spiegel, Ronaldo alone could have hidden upwards of $160 million.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Horrifying Ice Hockey Fan Stashes Nachos Under Urinal During a Piss

We hope he wasn't planning on sharing.
Liam Daniel Pierce
campeonato brasileiro série b

Brazilian Players Pull Off the Infamous Synchronised Double Flop

It is subtle. It is powerful. It is the floppingest shit you've ever seen.
Liam Daniel Pierce