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Botox, Fillers and 'Instagram Face' Are Disappearing During Lockdown

The surprising photos of Kylie Jenner with no makeup on are just the start of it.
Hannah Ewens

Coronavirus Is Good News for the Wellness Industry

With many turning to spirituality during the pandemic, could this be turning point in legitimising wellness and spirituality?
Hannah Ewens

Shoplifters On What They're Stealing Now All the Shops Are Closed

"There's no furlough scheme for us. I can't live like this anymore."
Nick Chester
Mark Jones
fast fashion

Should You Shop for Clothes Online During a Pandemic?

We're in lockdown, so here's a guide for anyone wondering if it's safe (and ethical) to buy from places like Depop and ASOS.
Hannah Ewens
Fill Me In

As the Fillers Trend Begins to Fade, People Are Having Their 'Instagram Face' Reversed

What goes up must come down.
Hannah Ewens

What Prison Taught Me About Love and Sex

The UK's longest serving transgender prisoner remembers her search for comfort and care during her time in prison.
Sarah Jane Baker
End of the 2010s

The Story of the Incel Is the Story of the 2010s

In the last decade, ‘involuntary celibate’ has come to define a distinct kind of modern masculine rage and misogyny.
Dominique Sisley
End of the 2010s

Goodbye to the Influencer Decade, and Thanks for Nothing

Ten years ago, an unknown photo-sharing app called Instagram launched – and with it came a whole new breed of internet star.
Lauren O'Neill

The Instagram Accounts Celebrating Lesbian Style

Accounts like @dykeanotherday, @dykedigital and more are countering the stereotype that gay women only dress in flannel shirts and baggy jeans.
Daisy Schofield
Social Media

Your Instagram Stories Tell Your Followers More Than You Think

Another onslaught of screenshots from Spotify? We get that you like music. We like music too.
Daisy Jones
sex and relationships

A Definitive Guide to Getting Into Strap-Ons

Here's everything to consider, whether you're a young queer looking for new ways to have sex or just interested in pegging your bf.
Daisy Jones

Unpacking Our Childhood Obsession with Jacqueline Wilson

“I remember reading Lola Rose for the first time and there’s a whole description of a young mother giving birth. I read it five times over because I couldn’t believe it.”
Adam England