I Spied on Germany's National Spy Agency

Because someone had to.
Matern Boeselager

Two Neo-Nazis Haven't Been Arrested Months After Stabbing a Journalist

The German victim identified one of the attackers and took a picture of the other, but the police still say they don't have any suspects.
Matern Boeselager
religious cults

I Lost My Brother to an Ultra-Conservative Religious Order

Director Zita Effra's debut documentary tells the story of how her brother joined Legion of Christ.
Matern Boeselager
Elections in Germany

We Answered the Most Googled Questions About Angela Merkel

With Sunday's elections in sight, the world has some questions about the German chancellor. Like, what does Merkel think of Trump?
Matern Boeselager
10 Questions

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Kebab Shop Owner

"I made four absolutely huge doners once and this Croatian guy just smashed them all in a row. It was astonishing."
Matern Boeselager
10 Questions

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Recovering Alcoholic

"What I miss most about drinking is the warmth in my stomach and the feeling I can talk to anyone."
Matern Boeselager

A Prison Psychologist Explains How He Treats Murderers and Rapists

“I have to like my patients, otherwise it doesn’t work.”
Matern Boeselager

Steaks, Girls in Underwear and Men in Camouflage: We Went to Europe's Largest Paintball Tournament

The Euro Big Game is the manliest fake war there is.
Matern Boeselager

This Man Spent 25 Years Documenting Every Day of Hitler's Life

'The Itinerary' is a 2400 page book listing where the Führer was on each day of his life, how he got there, what he did and who he was with.
Matern Boeselager

A Brief History of the Ancient Law That Makes Satire Illegal

From Popes to Shahs, there's a long story behind the law that might see German satirist Jan Böhmermann prosecuted for insulting Turkey's president.
Matern Boeselager

This German MMA Fighter Was Mistaken for a Refugee and Mistreated by Paramedics

Dib Akil returned home from his training session on Monday in extreme pain, so his family called the paramedics. Seemingly thinking he did not speak the language, they made snide comments about the refugee situation in Germany.
Matern Boeselager

How the German Media Reacted to the News that a Swimming Pool Banned Refugees

In August 2013, the Swiss town of Bremgarten banned asylum seekers from the local public pool. Last Friday, Bornheim bei Bonn in Germany did the same thing. This time the events were reported differently.
Matern Boeselager