Matt Blake

The Borders Issue 2019

How Politicians Fooled the World Into Believing in Nations

National identities make us believe in ideas like democracy, money, and laws. The trouble is they are stories that can all too easily be manipulated for political power. Take Brexit...
Matt Blake

How Big US Companies Are Selling Weed Vapes in the UK

We met JJ O'Brien from vape giant PAX Labs to talk about bringing the PAX 3 to the UK, and marketing a legal product to an illegal market.
Matt Blake
sex work

Why British Sex Workers Are Striking This Friday

We spoke to sex worker Sage Woodford about what they're hoping to achieve.
Matt Blake
university guide 2018

The Robots Are Coming, and They Want Your Job

Experts believe that almost a third of the global workforce will be automated by 2030. But are universities preparing students for the rise of the office machines?
Matt Blake

We Shared a Prison Cell with an Isis Fighter

The story of Robert Daw and Rae Lewis-Ayling, who travelled to Iraq to help build the utopian Rojava, but ended up in prison for 40 days.
Matt Blake

UK Porn Is About to Change in a Way You're Not Going to Like

How the government has given the shady company that controls the majority of free porn tube sites carte blanche to take over completely.
Matt Blake
Broadly DK

I'm the First British Woman to Fight ISIS in Syria

In a diary for Broadly, Kimberley Taylor takes us inside the radical feminist utopia being built by Kurdish women in Northern Syria.
Kimberley Taylor
VICE Long Reads

Sex Shops and Swingers Clubs: How the A1 Became Britain's Sexiest Road

Head up the A1 and you'll notice sex-based businesses everywhere. We called in at each one to work out why the old Great North Road has become such a popular spot for sexy stuff.
Matt Blake

'I Wanted the Real McCoy' – A Brit Who Fought ISIS in Iraq Looks Back on Two Years of the Caliphate

Mike, a 54-year-old dance teacher from Portsmouth, spent six months in Iraq battling the Islamic State. Today marks two years since the group declared its caliphate, so we spoke to him about his time there and how he thinks the battle can be won.
Matt Blake
VICE Long Reads

How Jellyfish, Nanobots and Naked Mole Rats Could Make Humans Immortal

We spoke to the world's leading experts in the field of human life extension to get an update on how close we are to living forever.
Matt Blake

The Best Ways to Keep in Shape, According to the Fittest Pensioner in the World

Charles Eugster, 96, is a runner, body-builder, public speaker, writer, rower and wakeboarder. He also claims to be so healthy that his formerly grey pubes have turned brown again.
Matt Blake

Writer Jo Nesbø on Punk, Football and Why Most Crime Fiction Sucks

He's been a footballer, pop star, stockbroker and now a blockbuster author who's shifted 28 million copies of his Harry Hole series. Jo Nesbø is better than you at most things.
Matt Blake