Meredith Talusan

Meredith Talusan is a contributing editor at Mic and has written essays and investigative pieces for The Guardian, The Atlantic, VICE Magazine, Matter, BuzzFeed, The American Prospect, The New Inquiry and many other publications. She divides her time between New York and the Philippines.


I Don't Miss Being a Gay Man, but I Miss Having Sex Like One

Why can't sex as a woman be as effortless as it was before I transitioned?
Meredith Talusan

Why Can't My Famous Gender Nonconforming Friends Get Laid?

Jacob Tobia and Alok Vaid-Menon are femme nonbinary icons. But that won't get them dates, and the reasons why speak volumes about our discomfort with those who exist between genders.
Meredith Talusan

Jennifer Boylan Wants Less Gender Theory, More Justice

After a trio of memoirs and appearing on Caitlyn Jenner's reality show, Boylan's return to fiction brings her career full circle.
Meredith Talusan
The New Queer

Queer Culture in the Age of Transgender Disruption

How the transgender community maintains the radical potential of queerness in an age of assimilation.
Meredith Talusan
The Road to Nowhere Issue

A Woman on Death Row and the Neighbour Who Put Her There

Mary Jane Veloso lives about 300 feet away from Maria Cristina Sergio in the Philippines. Veloso is on death row for allegedly smuggling heroin into the country. Sergio is in jail and awaiting trial after being accused of trafficking her neighbour.
Meredith Talusan
The Uganda Love This Issue

Will a US Marine Go Free After Killing a Trans Filipina Woman?

The murder of Jennifer Laude exposed to the Philippines both the reality of trans women and the violence that they face daily.
Meredith Talusan

How the Killing of a Trans Filipina Woman Ignited an International Incident

The trial of a US Marine accused of murder starts today. Will he go free?
Meredith Talusan