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Meet the Former Lawyer and Laundry Service Owner Behind Gossip Insurgent MediaTakeout

MediaTakeOut has become notorious for its coverage of black celebrities, dick-pic leaks, and salacious headlines, but its founder is a former Wall Street lawyer who used to claim to clean Mariah Carey's laundry.
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Archeologists Say We Can Blame the Patriarchy on Meat

A new study found that men started to dominate once they increased the meat in their diets, while women ate mostly grains.
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Pitbull Will Live Forever

Mr. Worldwide may seem like a kitschy party guy, but on his new album 'Climate Change,' he has a revolutionary agenda to make culture a bit more Miami.
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Broadly DK

How Keke Palmer Survived Hollywood

After years in Los Angeles working as a child star, the 'Scream Queens' actress and living GIF is shooting 'Berlin Station' in Germany, attending therapy, and moving to Atlanta.
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A Very Scientology Christmas: Inside L. Ron Hubbard's Winter Wonderland

Since 1983, the Church of Scientology has ran a Santa Claus photo-op on Hollywood Boulevard, where they hand out their founder's writings to visitors, but they deny using it to attract new members.
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The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

How Ann Coulter Created Donald Trump

America's most-hated provocateur has become the defining intellectual force behind the Republican candidate's anti-immigration populism.
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Michael Bay Is the Auteur America Deserves

We spoke to the massively popular if critically maligned director about his new film '13 Hours,' how he developed his signature style, and the misconceptions about his work.
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Rachel Paul Is the Face of Juggalo Feminism

The Philadelphia-based painter has founded a Juggalette feminist movement called Lette's Respect.
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Can Ross Patterson's 'Romance Novel for Dudes' Fix America's Masculinity Problem?

The unlikely romance novelist says today's straight guys are embarrassing and should be more like gay men – and that his book will show them how.
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Nevada Bunny Ranch Pimp Dennis Hof Wants to Run for Senate to End Sex Trafficking

The proprietor of Nevada's most famous brothel is running for office to promote his solution to sex trafficking: legalising prostitution.
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Bunny Ranch Pimp Dennis Hof Wants to Run for Senate to End Sex Trafficking

Hof may seem like an odd person to defend sex trafficking victims, but he believes his experience with legal prostitution proves that decriminalizing the oldest profession would end one of the world's biggest human rights issues.
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Ever Been to a Late-Night Juggalo Party in a Hotel Room? Here's What Happened When We Did

This is what happens when over 30 juggalos congregate in a motel room to smoke pot, shave eyebrows and chug Faygo.
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