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We Asked the Happiest People at Lovebox About Their Worries

Nothing like a lovely day of sunshine and live music to remind yourself of your deepest concerns!
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Longreads Or Whatever

Streaming Won’t Kill the Radio Star

The rise in popularity of Beats 1 and independent stations like Rinse, NTS, and Radar shows just how much we still desire a human touch over algorithm-curated playlists.
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The Brit Awards 2016

The Noisey Guide to Getting Smashed at The Brit Awards

When a performer attempts to mash-up two songs in the name of inventiveness? Two shots of a spirit of your choice. When Rihanna doesn’t turn up? Finish your drink and die inside.
Moya Lothian-McLean

Sexism, Deceit, and Power: The Corrupt Mechanics Behind Modern Pop Music

A conversation about the murky values of the music industry with John Seabrook, author of 'The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory'.
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Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Kurupt FM Cover Stormzy's "Shut Up" Ahead of Their Guest Slot on His Beats 1 Show Tonight

"Kurupt everywhere I go, I can't run when my enemies show, I'll just slap em in the face real rasclat quick, then I duck into Decoy's Golf."
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Sam Smith Only Just Waking Up To Racism Shows He’s Just Part of the Problem

He may have become ‘woke’, but it's hard to ignore the fact that a man celebrated for music indebted to black culture had failed to recognise the privilege of protection that his whiteness affords him.
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Deep Ass Questions

Who is Bryson Tiller and Why Should You Care?

The US rapper sold out his first ever UK show in less than ten seconds and has been trending on Twitter all day.
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Internet Exploring

Wanna Buy a Toy Car Stuffed with Weed? No Worries, Dean Blunt Will Sort You Out

Roll up! Roll up! Get your devil's lettuce!
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Rank Your Records

Rank Your Records: Mystery Jets Rate Their Five Albums in Order

"I’d like to start off by saying this is a really hard feature to do because it’s like telling your babies they’re not as good as your other babies."
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Hollow From The Countryside: Adele’s Album Agonises Over Loneliness Rather Than Heartbreak

It a record that's unwilling to revisit old haunts IRL, preferring instead to sit at home and retrace those steps emotionally.
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CeeLo Green Does Not Deserve the MOBO 'Outstanding Achievement Award'

It’s too late to take away Chris Brown’s Grammy, but our award shows need to stop patting the backs of men who have no respect for women.
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Woah, Dude!

Stormzy Dropped Two New Songs, a Freestyle and a Slow Jams Mix on Beats 1 Radio Last Night

He also created a pretty sexual alter ego called Stiff Chocolate, who you kinda need to hear.
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