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Stories from People of Colour Who Grew Up in Majority White Towns

"I remember one time when I was still in primary school, an egg was thrown at our house."
Nana Baah
2 days ago
sex and relationships

Are You Getting Any? My 'Situationship' Means I Haven’t Had Sex for Three Years

Twenty-three-year-old Michael says that undefined romantic relationships are normal for people his age.
Nana Baah
3 days ago
Black Lives Matter

'This Is the Turning Point Now’ – Meet the Young Black Women Behind London’s George Floyd Protest

Eighteen-year-old Aima and 21-year-old Tasha have organised a protest outside the US embassy this Sunday.
Nana Baah
3 days ago
Dating Apps

An Investigation Into Why Men Get So Competitive on Dating Apps

“Have a hobby or casual interest? Here’s why I’m better at it than you." – Every man on Hinge, ever.
Nana Baah

The Ups and Downs of Sharing Your Name with a Famous Person

“Every time my namesake pops up in the press, I tend to get a lot of misdirected tweets giving me stick."
Nana Baah
sex and relationships

The A to Z of Dating During Coronavirus

Hahaha starting a relationship during lockdown. Good luck!
Nana Baah

All the Things Teachers Wish They Could Teach Their Students

"A lesson on the word ‘cunt’ to explain the inequality and power of language."
Nana Baah

Day in the Life: A GP Having End-of-Life Conversations Over Video Call

"You can’t communicate in the same way as when you’re seeing someone face-to-face. Today, I spoke to a patient who has cancer."
Dr. Bushera Choudry
sex and relationships

Are You Getting Any? I Took a Year Off from Sex and It Changed My Life

After breaking up with his girlfriend, 24-year-old Joe needed some time to focus on himself.
Nana Baah
sex and relationships

Flirting with a Stranger in the House Opposite Is Getting Me Through Lockdown

We smoke out of our windows at the same time. Sometimes, he winks at me.
Nana Baah

'I Do Feel a Wee Bit of Pressure' – The 'Normal People' Stars On the Long-Awaited TV Show

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal talk about first loves ahead of the TV adaptation of Sally Rooney's 'Normal People'.
Nana Baah
sex and relationships

Are You Getting Any? If I Send You a Nude, You’d Better Send One Back

When it comes to sexy photos, Eilidh has a tit-for-tat policy.
Nana Baah