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A History of Labour as a 'Terrifying National Threat'

After 'The Sun' published a story claiming Corbyn is a "danger to national security", citing neo-Nazi and antisemitic websites, we thought it was worth looking at some other ridiculous attacks.
Oscar Rickett
General Election 2019

The Conservatives' Days Are Numbered Among Young People

If our youth debate is anything to go by, most teenagers aren't buying their policies.
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London Is Broken – This Film Is Proof

We spoke to Zed Nelson about his new documentary, which focuses on gentrification along Hoxton Street.
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The Inside Story of Labour's 'NHS For Sale' Leak

We spoke to the campaigner whose digging eventually led to the leak of secret documents showing talks between the UK and US about trade.
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Why You Should Vote Tory, According to the Tories

OPINION: there are five points the Tories are using to get voters onside – and none of them have anything to do with making the UK a better place to live.
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In Death, David Berman Leaves Behind a Tender, Eternal Legacy

The poet and songwriter has died, aged 52. His work will continue to reveal layers of truth for years to come.
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How Labour Activists Are Pushing the Party to Back Remain

The party's position on Brexit is gradually getting less confusing and ambiguous, with an emphasis on "gradually".
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Turns Out Celebrities Aren't That Great at Selling Weed

Snoop Dogg, Ghostface Killah and … Martha Stewart? As the legal weed market expands, brands want famous faces to flog their products, even if they’ve never smoked a joint in their life.
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Julian Assange’s Whistleblowing Doesn’t Make Him Immune to Critique

Yes, he founded Wikileaks and has also flagrantly dodged two sexual assault allegations – both realities can be true at once.
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'I'm Not There to Please Anybody' – We Spoke to Laura Kuenssberg About Covering Brexit

Ahead of tonight's VICE Studios film for BBC Two, 'The Brexit Storm: Laura Kuenssberg's Inside Story', we spoke to the BBC's political editor about Brexiteers, the "culture war" and impartiality.
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The Latest Hatchet Job on Corbyn Is Garbage

Tom Bower's 'Dangerous Hero' is full of errors, and the nature of the attack shifts so relentlessly that it's hard to take it seriously.
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The holocaust

The Prisoners Who Told the World About the Holocaust

A new exhibition at London's Wiener Library tells the story of the men and women who snuck evidence out of concentration camps, enlightening the public and ruling powers across the world.
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