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The Full Story of That Viral AI Face App

We spoke to one of the creators of "ImageNet Roulette" to find out why exactly they created it.
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This Artist Makes Cheese from the Mould That Landlords Won't Remove

“I want the whole installation to have sort of a sinister vibe to it. I think of the cheeses as if they were bait or a little trap for the landlord.”
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Save Yourselves

One Night in Central London with Extinction Rebellion

A timeline of what it's like to spend the evening with climate protestors willing to get arrested for their cause.
Patrick Heardman
Save Yourselves

Extinction Rebellion Brought London to a Standstill

Photos from the first day of XR's international rebellion.
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Important Questions Raised By...

Science, Please, Explain Why Catchy Songs Loop in Our Heads Forever

Is there more to an earworm than a snappy hook? I spoke to various clever people in music (I needed to get 'Baby Shark' out of my head).
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Important Questions Raised By...

Some Questions for the Guy Who DJ'd Outside the Houses of Parliament

He appeared on Tuesday night, after the Brexit 'meaningful vote' result, spinning a special political set.
Patrick Heardman

How to Get Into Glastonbury Without a Ticket

So you missed out for the second time running. Here's what you can do instead to make sure you get to next year's festival.
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Important Questions

So, How Many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Do You Gotta Eat Before You Die?

Lil Xan said the snacks landed him in hospital this week, so we've been speaking to some medical experts about this red-hot matter.
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gig economy

I Tried to Get Rich in the 'Side Hustle' Economy

But "Airtasker" wouldn't even let me clean up a dead mouse.
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Alex Jones

We Asked People Why Alex Jones Was Banned from Social Media

On Monday, InfoWards content was removed from Apple, Spotify, Facebook and YouTube.
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This Fucking Weather

We Asked People How Much More of This They Can Take

Today, the UK's all-time hot temperature record could be broken.
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Question Of The Day

People Making Music TV: We Did Your Research For You

In the lead-up to new (and likely dreadful) BBC series 'Sounds Like Friday Night', we asked some strangers what makes not-shit music television.
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