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Carli Lloyd

Carli Lloyd Signs Short-Term Deal with Manchester City in the Women's Super League

The US women's national team star will play in the Champions League for the first time, and wants to promote the American NWSL on British soil.
Patrick Sauer

Nick Kyrgios Booed by Fellow Aussies During Meltdown at the Australian Open

"[Kyrgios] could be the best player in the world, but mentally he's number 200 in the world," said John McEnroe.
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Floyd Mayweather Willing to Give Conor McGregor $15 Million to Fight

McGregor had previously demanded a $100 million purse to fight Mayweather.
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samir nasri

Samir Nasri's Sexy Time Tweets Get Him in Hot Water with Doping Officials

Nasri went to a wellness clinic, his account started tweeting out tales of sexual favours, and then the Spanish anti-doping agency came along.
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Amateur Russian Hockey Player Drills Ref with Stick for Giving Him a Penalty

He received a 10-minute major and proceeded to swing his stick at the ref, and then knock him down again for good measure.
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murray christmas

Murray Christmas: Brothers Andy and Jamie are Atop the Tennis World

Andy Murray finishes the year as the No.1 tennis player in the world, and his brother Jamie is on the No.1 ranked doubles team.
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US Open

Pete Sampras Puking, Jimmy Connors Making Magic and More: Goodbye, Louis Armstrong Stadium

As Louis Armstrong Stadium closes down, we look back at some of its best moments.
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katerina stewart

Katerina Stewart Quit Pro Tennis for the Army – Will it Derail Her Career?

Katerina Stewart made the bold and patriotic to forego the women's pro tennis circuit to serve her country, but her career might not always be there.
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ryan lochte

Piss-Happy Swimmer Lochte May Be Dancing with the Stars and Back into Our Hearts

Ryan Lochte is in talks to appear on Dancing With the Stars.
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Hen Party Crashes BBC Olympics Stage, Bride-to-Be Invites Dan Walker to Wedding

Who says the Olympics are a total disaster? Love (and friendship) is in the air!
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Usain Bolt

Is Usain Bolt Faster Than This Rubik's Cube Guy?

Answering the age-old question of which is more impressive: superhuman speed, or superhuman Rubik's Cubing.
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Rio 2016

The Pools in Rio Have Turned Green

It looks bad, but it is supposedly still safe for the athletes.
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