Rose Stokes


This Is How Much Money Findommes Really Make

" It’s kind of limitless... I know of people who have taken US$1 million in a single transaction."
Rose Stokes

How to Have Sex Under Lockdown Without Leaving the House

Strap in and enjoy the possibilities.
Rose Stokes

I Nursed His Elderly Mum. He Posted Islamophobic Memes

I was always happy to help June, my elderly neighbour and friend. When she passed away, I realised her son didn't feel the same way.
Nabeelah Hafeez

This Is How Much Money Cam Girls Really Make

"One thing I think people don't perhaps understand is that I really don't get naked as much as you'd think."
Rose Stokes

I Got Fired in the Middle of the Coronavirus Outbreak

The UK government has announced loans to help businesses survive during the coronavirus outbreak. For many, it's already too late.
Rose Stokes

The Most Ridiculous Sex Myths, Debunked

Apologies to cis men, but "wetness" and "arousal" are not the same.
Rose Stokes
Quit Your Shit Job

Quit Your Shit Job and... Teach English Abroad

Katherine Skelly ditched a soul-destroying job in office admin to qualify as a TEFL instructor and travel around the world teaching English.
Rose Stokes
Quit Your Shit Job

Why I Quit My Creative Job to Become a Prison Officer

David Ralfe quit the draining hustle of the arts industry for a job at HMP Pentonville.
Rose Stokes

The DM That Changed My Life: 'Please Come to the Meeting Room :)'

It was an uneventful Thursday afternoon. Then I got a message from the head of HR.
Rose Stokes
Quit Your Shit Job

How to Quit Your Shit Job... and Teach People About Sex

Ruby Rare hated pulling pints for the people gentrifying her neighbourhood, so she chucked in her bar job to teach sex education.
Rose Stokes
domestic violence

Why a New Domestic Abuse Law Isn't Yet Stopping Tragic Homicides

The coercive control law was a watershed moment for women’s rights in 2015, but it's not made a major difference to domestic abuse rates.
Rose Stokes
Quit Your Shit Job

Quit Your Shit Job and Become.... a Climate Activist!

Do something good for the planet – like Andrew Medhurst, who quit his lucrative gig in pensions to volunteer for Extinction Rebellion.
Rose Stokes