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Why I'm Skipping Christmas This Year

"No one ever gets me anything, and I’ve never bought a gift for anyone in my life."
Rosie Hewitson

The Weirdest Stuff People Have Seen While Developing Disposable Cameras

"One of them had done a poo on the pillow next to another lad’s head while he was asleep."
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the internet

The Rise of Wholesome Social Media

Growing numbers are ditching mainstream social media for platforms like Goodreads and Strava, connecting over book recommendations and fitness achievements.
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Brutally Honest American Queens Review 'RuPaul's Drag Race UK'

The massively popular show has started its UK run, so we made several American drag artists watch it, then share their thoughts.
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I Gave My Cat a Fitness Tracker – the Results Were Worrying

Data is the new oil and kitty FitBits are a thing.
Rosie Hewitson

Turns Out You Can Get Lifetime Bans from Weirder Places than Bars

Sure, a committed bouncer can get you chucked out of a pub. But what does it take to get barred from, say, theatres or shops?
Rosie Hewitson

LGBTQ People Share Real Experiences of Workplace Discrimination

"We are lucky to have the counter between us and the customers, so we escaped the physical side of things."
Rosie Hewitson
cats mate

I Found Out How to Make My Cat an Influencer at the London Cat Expo

I want that Grumpy Cat money – but how do I get there?
Rosie Hewitson
Eurovision 2019

Everything That’s Going to Happen During the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

Prepare for some extremely gnarly camerawork, some lad called Michael representing the UK and at least one metal banger.
Rosie Hewitson
Important Questions Raised By...

How Can We Be More In Touch With Our Feels, James Blake Fans?

“I dunno man. If you need to have a cry, have a cry. It’s cathartic.”
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How to Be a Music Fan with a Low-Carbon Impact on the Planet

Make your own music? Walk three hours to a gig? Here's everything you can do instead of streaming Drake so much the earth burns.
Rosie Hewitson

LGBTQ People Share Their Experiences of Sex Education

Theresa May has failed to condemn the parents protesting against better same-sex sex-ed. Here's how a lack of that education affected a generation of LGBTQ people.
Rosie Hewitson