Sarah Freeman


Is a Lithuanian Immigrant Making the Best Pizza in Ohio?

Vytauras Sasnaukas grew up under Soviet occupation, eating ersatz pizzas topped with hard-boiled eggs. Now he's making real-deal Neapolitan pies in Cleveland.
Sarah Freeman

A Chicago Chef Is Rehabilitating Inmates One Pizza at a Time

If you pick up a knife Bruno Abate’s kitchen, you’ll notice that it’s chained to the counter. That is because this culinary school operates in the basement of Division 11 of Cook County Jail in Chicago.
Sarah Freeman

This Chef Won’t Let His Diagnosis Cripple His Career

Chef Dan Jacobs' frightening symptoms began less than a year ago, as he prepared to open his new restaurant in Milwaukee.
Sarah Freeman

This Chef Won a James Beard Award, Then Closed His Restaurant

“It was this freeing moment,” Gerard Craft says of closing his award-winning St. Louis restaurant Niche. “We’re going to do whatever the fuck we want now.”
Sarah Freeman
Craft Beer

The Most Belgian Beer Outside of Brussels Might Be Made in Ohio

Founded by a wine lover who converted into a beer aficionado after a single bottle of Saison Dupont, Rockmill Brewery turns out its own saisons, witbiers, dubbels, tripels, and stouts that could rival those of Belgium.
Sarah Freeman
sustainable agriculture

A Sustainable Farm Rises from the Ashes of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin

In 1914, Frank Lloyd Wright's mistress was murdered, and the home he built for her was burnt to the ground. A century later, a team of farmers is trying to restore a sustainable farm on the property.
Sarah Freeman