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Shayla Love is a senior staff writer at Vice covering science, medicine, health, drugs, and climate.


Your Poop Might Be Key for Predicting the End of the Pandemic

Looking for the new coronavirus in wastewater could give us a heads up about where the outbreak is spreading – and when it has started to dissipate.
Shayla Love
11 hours ago

Warm Water, Garlic, Essential Oils: They Won't Protect You From Coronavirus

As COVID-19 misinformation runs rampant, pseudoscience expert Tim Caulfield has been tasked with keeping track of all the bunk.
Shayla Love
14 hours ago

We're All Having Coronavirus Dreams Now

Silly, scary or strange, these dreams hint at how we're all trying to figure out what the pandemic means to us, the people we love, and the lives we lead.
Shayla Love

Immune 'Boosters' Ignore the Immune System’s Best Quality: Balance

We could stand to learn some lessons from our own immune systems about how we decide when to act and when to lay low.
Shayla Love
The Stupid Issue

If We Can Make Animals Smarter, Should We?

In science fiction stories, research can accidentally create super-intelligent animal species. As the ability to alter animals’ brains grows, some say we should be wary of fiction becoming reality.
Shayla Love

Will Antiviral Drugs Save Us From Coronavirus?

A variety of drugs – previously developed for malaria, Ebola, and HIV – are being tested for COVID-19.
Shayla Love

Researchers Got People to Hallucinate from Fake Psychedelics

When it comes to taking hallucinogenic drugs, context may matter in deeper ways than previously assumed.
Shayla Love
mental health

The Strange Link Between Pandemics and Psychosis

Scientists are looking more closely at how viruses and infections could influence our minds.
Shayla Love

Your Fancy Honey Might Not Actually Be Honey

It may have been sweetened, heated, filtered and turned into a fraud – and the entire agricultural system is at risk as a result.
Shayla Love

How to Deal With Coronavirus If You Have OCD or Anxiety

Coronavirus news stories and prevention guidelines can trigger bouts of intense anxiety and compulsive behavior.
Shayla Love

One Twin Got Cancer in the UK. The Other Got It in the US

Same genes, same type of cancer, very different bills.
Shayla Love

Climate Change Will Turn These Common Foods Toxic

In some places it already has.
Shayla Love