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Why the Outsider Pride of M.I.A.'s ‘Kala’ Still Matters 10 Years Later

By lifting "global" sounds and dropping them into a club-friendly context, this album used sonic innovation to try smash down borders.
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Asian food

Inside the London Dumpling House Inspired by a Studio Ghibli Movie

“We’re not restricting ourselves to Chinese dim sum,” says Becky Wharton, co-owner of My Neighbours the Dumplings, named after the My Neighbour Totoro movie. “We have some dim sum dumplings, some dumplings that are Beijing-style.”
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How a Frozen Daiquiri Hangover Inspired London’s First Alcoholic Slushie Pop-Up

After falling in love with New Orleans' iconic iced cocktails, Sara Shipley returned to London to try making her own. “I thought it was such a cool concept, to go into a bar and order an alcoholic slushie in a massive takeaway cup,” she says.
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Jerk, Jerk, Jerk, Jerk, Jerk at Drake’s Favourite Chicken Spot

Ed Pottinger opened Toronto's The Real Jerk with his wife Lily in 1984. More than 30 years later, the jerk chicken restaurant is still going strong, recently playing a starring role in Drake and Rihanna's "Work" video.
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How This All-Female Bakery Is Helping London’s Homeless Women

Luminary bakery trains disadvantaged women in baking and food hygiene. “There needs to be opportunities for women to feel safe if they have experienced domestic violence or sexual exploitation,” says founder Alice Boyle.
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Indian cooking

This Home Cook Went from Collecting Her Mum’s Curry Recipes to Writing an Indian Cookbook

Meera Sodha’s 2015 Indian recipe book was a bestseller and its vegetarian followup, Fresh India, is released this month. But she never intended to be a food writer.
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Ruby Tandoh Won’t Judge You for Ordering a Cappuccino with Extra Chocolate

With her Guardian baking column and food positive tweets, the former Great British Bake Off star has become a champion of guilt-free eating. “If I’m making something, that’s gonna make me feel good,” she says. “Whatever it is—healthy, unhealthy.”
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Indian Food

This Legendary Curry House Owner Orders Chips in Indian Restaurants

“I’m embarrassed to say, but if I go to an Indian restaurant, I’d order chips,” says Wasim Tayyab, one of the three brothers behind Tayyabs, the Whitechapel eatery lauded for its home-style Punjabi-Pakistani cooking.
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