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Save Yourselves

Group That Called Extinction Rebellion 'Extremist' Is Funded By Big Energy

VICE reveals that the think tank behind a controversial report into the protest group has taken money from energy companies.
Solomon Hughes

From Apps to Alexa, How NHS Privatisation Entered the Digital Age

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said he wants to “create more porous borders into the NHS” for business innovators. Partnerships like those with Amazon Alexa are only the beginning.
Solomon Hughes

A Former Blair Advisor Who Runs a PR Firm with Dodgy Clients Gave a Major Donation to Change UK

He thinks politics needs a shake up.
Solomon Hughes
vice exclusive

A Boss Whose Company Sued the NHS for Millions Pays to Meet Theresa May

The non-exec chairman of Fujitsu UK gets a concessional rate to join the PM and other top Tories for dinner.
Solomon Hughes
VICE Investigation

The Spy Equipment On Sale to Dictatorships at the UK's Secret Security Trade Fair

As an MP is banned from the Home Office's behind-closed-doors "Security and Policing" event, VICE can reveal the products on sale.
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vice exclusive

A Spin Doctor Helping the Independent Group Worked for a Hawkish Right-Wing Think-Tank

The "new" and "different" political movement is using the services of a guy who used to work for the Henry Jackson Society.
Solomon Hughes

Peter Mandelson Calls for a 'People's Vote' While Telling Potential Clients Brexit Can't Be Stopped

A conflict of interest?
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Saudi Arabia

The Tories' Pro-Saudi Lobby Group Is Funded By a Luxury 'Experience' App

Velocity Black made donations to the Conservative Middle East Council.
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Tory Conference

Developers Who Got Rich Off Tory Housing Policy Are Sponsoring Conference

The beneficiaries of Help-to-Buy have put their name around party members' necks.
Solomon Hughes

The Tories Have Given Up On Talking About Fighting Injustice

Theresa May never really "parked Conservative tanks on Labour's lawn".
Solomon Hughes
vice exclusive

Revealed: UK's Head of 'Tax Simplification' Is Helping Set Up a Tax Haven

A government tax adviser and one of Theresa May's "business ambassadors" are helping to create a tax haven in Kazakhstan.
Solomon Hughes

Revealed: Top Tory Helps Dictator Create Tax-Haven for Dirty Russian Money

Francis Maude MP is advising Kazakhstan on how to create a financial "free zone", which is likely to handle big money from Russian oligarchs.
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