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Police Don’t Have Their Story Straight About the Killing of Michael Reinoehl

He'd been on the run since he was named as a suspect in the fatal shooting of a supporter of the far-right Patriot Prayer last weekend.
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A 17-Year-Old Aspiring Cop Has Been Charged With Murder in Wisconsin

Police arrested Kyle Rittenhouse, a onetime police cadet, whose social media accounts indicated an affinity for the "Back the Blue" movement.
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The Boogaloo Bois Are All Over Facebook

They're raising money and sharing bomb-making manuals.
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White Man Accused of Driving His Car Into a Crowd of Black People Was Just Charged With Hate Crime

Dennis Wyman, 42, joins a KKK leader and dozens of others in charges linked to the wave of recent car attacks.
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Facebook Just Labelled the Boogaloos a 'Dangerous Organisation' and Banned 500 Groups and Pages

The large network of the anti-government movement, deemed a national security threat, has exploded on the platform since February.
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Ahmaud Arbery

Ahmaud Arbery’s Killing May Finally Get a Hate Crime Law Passed in Georgia

The state hasn't had a statute on the books in 16 years, and now, legislators are considering two bills.
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2 Men Linked to 'Boogaloo' Movement Were Just Charged in the Murder of a Federal Officer

The suspected homicide in Oakland was originally framed as evidence of escalating lawlessness in conjunction with the widespread protests.
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Tennessee Just Voted to Keep a Racist Statue of a KKK 'Grand Wizard'

The bust at the Tennessee state Capitol was installed long after the Civil War – in 1973.
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A White Man From Illinois Allegedly Brought Bombs to Start a Riot at the Minneapolis George Floyd Protest

The arrest gives some support to local officials' claims that outside agitators may be partially responsible for violence in Minneapolis.
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3 Young White Guys With a Machete Beat Up a Nonwhite Protester in Minneapolis

The video is some of the most tangible evidence to support the mayor's assertion that unsavory characters were using George Floyd’s death to stoke unrest in the city.
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Far-Right Extremists Are Hoping to Turn the George Floyd Protests Into a New Civil War

Armed extremists are showing up to protests and urging a "boogaloo" – code for civil war – online.
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New Videos Appear to Undermine Police Account That George Floyd 'Resisted' Officers

The videos show Floyd appearing to surrender before dying after his face was pressed into the street with an officer's knee on his neck.
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