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NYC Is Releasing Hundreds of Inmates to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

In the last week, a single confirmed COVID-19 case in a corrections officer ballooned to over 80 confirmed cases among other staff and inmates.
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Italy Reports 368 Coronavirus Deaths in a Single Day Despite Lockdown

Italy’s civil protection chief Angelo Borrelli also announced some 3,590 newly confirmed coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of infected people to 24,747.
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Former Atomwaffen Leader Nicknamed 'Rape' Has Been Arrested​

He allegedly participated in a swatting campaign targeting politicians, journalists and a historically black church.
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Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett Was Just Indicted for the Hate Crime He Allegedly Faked

The actor alleged he was attacked by two masked men in MAGA hats who used racist and homophobic slurs, beat him up, splashed bleach on him and placed a noose around his neck.
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The Base

'I Need to Claim My First Victim': Alleged Neo-Nazis' Violent Plans for Virginia Rally Revealed

"We could essentially be like literally hunting people," said one alleged member of The Base, according to court documents released Tuesday.
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Virginia Declares State of Emergency After Armed Militias Threaten to Storm the Capitol

The governor said law enforcement had intercepted "extremist rhetoric" similar to the lead-up to Charlottesville days before pro-gun activists are holding a rally.
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University of Maryland stabbing

Racist Memes Could Be the Key to Convicting a White College Student of Stabbing a Black Man to Death

Prosecutors are trying to prove Sean Urbanski's mind had been poisoned by racist memes.
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Mass Shootings

Nearly All Mass Shooters Since 1966 Have Had 4 Things in Common

The largest study of mass shooters ever funded by the US government reveals stunning information about perpetrators.
David Noriega
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santa clarita

Santa Clarita School Shooter Allegedly Shot 5 Students and Then Himself

The injured victims are two girls aged 15 and 14, and a 14-year-old boy. One of those patients is in critical condition and the others are in fair condition.
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EXCLUSIVE: A US Marine Used the Neo-Nazi Site Iron March to Recruit for a ‘Racial Holy War'

Dozens of people posting on the now-defunct forum claimed to have military experience. We confirmed three of them.
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Tim Hume

We Spent a Wild Weekend with the Gun-Worshipping Moonie Church That's Trying to Go MAGA

"Jesus is an assault weapons manufacturer."
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Police Shooting

Atatiana Jefferson Was Holding a Gun When She Was Shot by Cops in Her Own Home

A police officer has been charged with murder after shooting Jefferson through a window.
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