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Who Is Most Likely to Topple Theresa Now?

She's managed to get to the next stage of Brexit negotiations, but there are still plenty of people who could knock her off her perch.
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How Do Security Services Conduct a Man Hunt?

Since the Barcelona attack, Spanish police have killed or arrested 12 suspects including the van driver. How did they find them?
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Is University Still Worth It?

Why British Universities Are Being Run Like Cartels

With fees soaring and salaries for top level management reaching £500,000, we look at how this can be allowed to continue.
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Oh Snap

Labour Insiders On What Happens Next

The view from inside both wings of the Labour party.
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Oh Snap

Could Bad Weather Affect the Result of the General Election?

The Met Office is predicting heavy rain in Wales, the south-west, central and northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
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Tory Week

Why the Tories Always Win

They have hardly any activists and are reviled by many, but the Conservatives are probably the most successful political party in the world.
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Oh Snap

Exactly How Much Are Labour Freaking Out Right Now?

We asked insiders and experts what yesterday must have been like for Labour politicians.
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Can Jeremy Corbyn Survive Labour's Byelection Humiliation?

Labour held off UKIP in Stoke, but suffered an embarrassing defeat to the Tories in Copeland.
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Has Donald Trump Made It Easier for Future Politicians to Deal with Scandal?

Every politician used to worry about skeletons in their closet, but thanks to Trump we might be moving into a post-shame era.
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Why Are So Many Prison Riots Happening in the UK?

From Birmingham to the Isle of Sheppy, there hasn't been this much unrest among the prison population in a generation
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BRITAIN = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What Are Opposition MPs Hoping to Get Out of Debating Article 50?

Now we know that Article 50 will be put to a Parliamentary vote, this is what Labour and SNP MPs will likely be angling for.
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How the New Boundary Changes Could Wipe Whole Communities Off the Political Map

We spoke to the people caught up in the Tory attempt to get rid of Labour seats.
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