Tim Geyer

Senior Editor


Tim Geyer is a senior editor at VICE Germany reporting on subjects such as the cannabis legalization, organized crime and police.


Cheap Whites: Inside Berlin's Cigarette Black Market

For years Vietnamese gangs have dominated the black market for cigarettes, which is more profitable than drug trafficking. Now, Syrian gangs are pushing their way onto the scene.
Tim Geyer

Albrecht Becker Survived WWII to Become a Pioneering Photographer

Becker's artistic life began with a failed experiment on his penis.
Tim Geyer

Two Brothers Have Been Sentenced to Life for Selling Weed

We spoke to the men about their 20-minute trial and why they were hit with such a huge sentence.
Tim Geyer

A Tour of Germany's First Pick-Your-Own-Plant Hemp Farm

Joe Bayer has spent thousands cultivating his four acres of hemp. Now he wants people to take as much as they like.
Tim Geyer
child marriage

The Teenager Fighting Against Child Marriage in Bangladesh

Though her mother threatened to kill herself if she didn't marry at 13, Meghla managed to get out of it. Now, she helps to prevent other child marriages from happening.
Tim Geyer

This Tattoo Artist Inks Whatever He Wants on His Clients

Hundreds of people from around the world have trusted Monty Richthofen to pick whatever tattoo he thinks best represents them.
Tim Geyer

An 80-Year-Old Grandmother Shares Her Weed Cookies Recipe

For 60 years, Brigitte Biesel struggled with chronic pain and depression – until her grandson introduced her to edibles.
Tim Geyer

The Man Starting Europe's Largest Legal Weed Farm in a Nuclear Bunker

Christoph Rossner​ is using a former NATO air base in his quest to become Germany's leading medicinal weed grower.
Tim Geyer
Life Advice

Talking About Sex and War with a 102-Year-Old

"I prefer younger men – the old ones are no fun. But I haven't actually wanted a boyfriend for ages. It would be such a burden to be in a relationship at my age."
Tim Geyer
theme parks

What Working in a SpongeBob Costume Taught Me About Humanity

When you're constantly being harassed by guests, there's the risk that you eventually get fed up and hit back.
Tim Geyer