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The New Generation of LA Rap Is Changing Everything

A group of rappers and producers are reimagining not just the sound of Los Angeles, but its slang, its fashion sense, and the cultural divide between blacks and latinos.
Torii MacAdams

Warren G Ain't Trippin, Ain't Mad, and Is Forever Hip-Hop's Unsung Legend

We sit down with the G-funk great to talk his new documentary, the birth of West Coast rap, and his legacy beyond "Regulate."
Torii MacAdams

Vince Ash's Video for "Solid" Is a Perfect Example of Gritty Post-Drill Rap

The 21-year-old from Hammond, Indiana has a thundering new video from his EP 'Do Or Die.' It's hard as bricks.
Torii MacAdams

Rucci Is at the Heart of Los Angeles’ Rap Renaissance

With his latest project 'Dawgystyle,' the 23-year-old joins 03 Greedo and Drakeo the Ruler as leaders in a new West Coast movement.
Torii MacAdams

The Impossible Tale of 03 Greedo, the Future of West Coast Rap

The rapper's incredible potential has made him one of Los Angeles' most enigmatic artists, but his complicated history could cause his future to be in question.
Torii MacAdams
Remembering Things

Dâm-Funk Breaks Down the Freaky Influence of Electro Pioneers Uncle Jamm's Army

Ahead of a new documentary he scored, we join the LA funk scion in his studio to talk about growing up with the game-changing hip-hop crew, attracting women with vinyl, and why funk is like "a smile with a tear."
Torii MacAdams

TeeCee4800 Is the Secret Weapon of California Rap

He's also Ty Dolla $ign's cousin, which might stink of nepotism if he weren't so damn good at rapping.
Torii MacAdams

Remembering 'Merry Motherfuckin’ Christmas,' Eazy-E’s Insane Christmas Song That Gave His Start

We spoke with and the producers behind "Merry Motherfuckin' Christmas" to get the story behind the most ruthless Christmas song of all time.
Torii MacAdams