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Tshepo Mokoena is the editorial director of VICE UK. She primarily focuses on pop culture, race, music and relationships.

The 50 Best British TV Shows Since 2000

How We Compiled VICE's List of the Best 21st Century British TV

Behind the process that led to our pick of the 50 best British-made TV shows since 2000 – which includes a lot of arguing and spreadsheets.
Tshepo Mokoena

These Two Friends Share Vital Stories About Black Mental Health at Uni

We hear from the co-authors of new #Merky Books release 'Taking Up Space: The Black Girl's Manifesto for Change', and excerpt part of a chapter.
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Jamila Woods Made Us a Reading List for Her 'LEGACY! LEGACY' Album

From James Baldwin to Eartha Kitt, here's a handy starter pack to the influences behind poet and musician Woods' rich new album.
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Noisey News

Stream "Vossi Bop," Buy "Vossi Bop" and Get Stormzy to Number 1

Both Big Mike and Taylor Swift put out new singles last week, and now a few hundred sales stand between them. Let's end this the right way.
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Objectively Correct Lists

Every Madonna Persona Identified, Then Ranked

From 'BDSM Madonna' to 'Tonguing Britney Madonna', she's been them all and more.
Daisy Jones
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In Conversation with

Kojey Radical and Shy FX on Skanking, Teen Gigs and Their Collab

We had the two talents interview each other, about their origin stories and the story behind Ghetts-featuring track "Bad After We."
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Kelsey Lu Had to Manifest Hopeful Pop from Pain

We met the alt-pop cellist and singer in London, hearing about the multi-city, tumultuous journey behind her stunning debut album 'Blood.'
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First Dates

Loyle Carner Very Graciously Rinsed Me in a Cocktail-Making Class

The London rapper talks being drunk on dates, identity and the lead-up to the release of his second album ‘Not Waving, But Drowning.’
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Lava La Rue Channels UK Funky and Positivity on "Burn"

Tfw summer's here in a song even though it's April – we've got the exclusive watch of the UK rapper and singer's first new track of 2019.
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MorMor’s Psychedelic Indie-Pop Deserves Your Attention

The Toronto musician played his first sold-out London show this week, showing how outsider status can lead to beautiful art.
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Noisey News

Kelsey Lu’s “Blood” Hints at Her Debut Album’s Depth and Richness

Well, damn: Lu's new single is all strings, dreamy pop and the sort of vocals you want to swim in.
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Everything You Learn Exploring Black Women's Visibility in Grime

Author Yomi Adegoke on the lessons she learned and challenges she faced when making an upcoming documentary for BBC Radio 4.
Yomi Adegoke