Vincenzo Ligresti

Vincenzo è Junior Editor per VICE Italia. Ha lavorato per i-D, Huffpost Italia, Class CNBC e Prima Comunicazione. Si occupa di diritti civili, questioni LGBTQ+, televisione, politica, salute mentale e un po' di quello che succede su internet. Alcune delle foto che scatta sono finite su magazine come Vanity Fair e Io Donna. È ossessionato da Instagram.


This Is What Your Sex Dreams Really Mean, According to Sexologists

Including why some people only orgasm in their sleep.
Vincenzo Ligresti

I’m Afraid of Going Back to My 'Old Life' After the Lockdown

My life before was frantic, and I don't want to go back. Why?
Vincenzo Ligresti

I'm Absolutely Sick of Video Chats

Am I a bad person for not missing my friends during lockdown?
Vincenzo Ligresti
mental health

How to Process Grief While You're Stuck in Lockdown

After a family member died of coronavirus, I asked an expert for help.
Vincenzo Ligresti
mental health

The Less I Go Out, the More Afraid I Am to Go Out. Why?

Since lockdown began, the very thought of crossing my threshold makes me anxious. I asked an expert for an explanation.
Vincenzo Ligresti

I Ate 'Like Jesus' for a Week

Fish, bread and no cutlery: I followed the Bible to eat like a God.
Vincenzo Ligresti
Save Yourselves

A New Book's Eerily Calm Photos Show the Extent of Venice's Flooding

Photobook 'Era Mare' ('It Was Sea') both documents a city interrupted in November 2019 and fundraises for local businesses.
Vincenzo Ligresti

Take a Look Inside Some Abandoned Secret Mansions in Italy

Thomas Jorion spent ten years photographing the faded glory of empty palaces and summer homes.
Vincenzo Ligresti

'Saucy' Adult Film Posters from the Last Half a Century

Massimo Russo has been collecting adult film posters for 20 years, and is now displaying them at a gallery in Italy.
Vincenzo Ligresti

A Rhetoric Professor Explains How to Win an Online Argument

"I wouldn't verbally abuse them because an insult pulls you down into a state of weakness."
Vincenzo Ligresti

Photos of a Punk Scene You Never Knew Existed

Photographer Fabio Sgroi's new book documents the birth of counterculture on Sicily, and a punk concert in an asylum.
Vincenzo Ligresti
10 Questions

Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Male Escort

"One time, a client tied the condom in a knot so he could take my come home."
Vincenzo Ligresti