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Eating Indian Food Could Cure Your Winter Cold

As November’s chill sets in, rather than reach for the flu tablets, I pull out the ingredients for khichdi (the Indian answer to chicken soup) or Masala chai, the original cold cure.
Zab Mustefa

Celebrating Eid on Britain's First Organic Halal Farm

“Muslims and non-Muslims, we’ve all ignored that reality in how our food is produced,” says Lutfi Radwan, co-founder of Willowbrook Farm in Oxfordshire.
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What It’s Like to Work in a Restaurant and Fast During Ramadan

For Muslims restaurant workers observing the religious fast, being surrounded by delicious food is a challenge.
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Meet SkyWalker, Palestine's First Female DJ

We talk to the 26-year-old electronicist about her work, the affect of the occupation on nightlife cultures, and how she's challenging perceived gender roles daily.
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Meet the Desi Artists Fighting Back Against Trump with Punk Rock and 'Post-Colonial Pop'

Doctors & Engineers, The Kominas, Saraswathi Jones, and more talk to Noisey about resistance, heritage, and Islamophobia.
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Why These South Asian Desserts Are Fighting Sexism

South Asian culture traditionally marks the birth of a baby boy by giving sweets known as ladoo. For girls, there is no such celebration, something gender equality activist Raj Khaira hopes to change with her Pink Ladoo Campaign.
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Meet the 63-Year-Old ‘Auntie’ Making Glasgow’s Favorite Samosas

Served with chickpeas and tamarind chutney, Glasgow Sweet House’s samosas are the work of "Auntie" Nasreen. “All of my friends’ daughters come here to get them,” she says. “I’m flattered everyone likes them.”
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Why Scotland’s First Muslim Female Boxer Stopped Eating Home-Cooked Curry

“My mum didn’t know how to react to my new diet," says Glasgow-based Farah Jamil, currently training for the Commonwealth Games. "She thought I was eating rabbit food when I had a salad over saalan."
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These Sisters Turned Their Grandmother’s House into an Arabic Cookery School

The Beit Sitti or “Grandmother’s house” initiative in Jordan sees local women teach traditional cooking classes to tourists and locals, boosting self-esteem and providing them with an income to support their families.
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This Noam Chomsky Food Truck Serves Pulled Pork with a Side of Politics

Inspired by the writings of American philosopher Noam Chomsky, Glasgow-based chef Felicity Day decided to mix her left-wing ideals with cooking, and launched the Chompsky street food truck last year.
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Fast Food

Britain’s Muslim Takeaway Workers Are Suffering Islamophobic Attacks

Shortly after the Paris terrorist attacks, takeaway owner Mohammed Khalid was beaten outside his shop in Glasgow. He’s far from the only one—statistics from Muslim campaign groups show a rise in such Islamophobic abuse on fast food workers.
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Glasgow Is Going Crazy for a Bar That Only Serves Milk

“People make a face initially when they taste it, then they tell us how great it is. It’s a nice, easy drink—maybe too easy,” says Paul Crawford, a Glasgow bar owner whose establishment serves just one drink: the milk and gin-based Panther Milk.
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