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How ‘Her Smell’ Summoned the Real Sound of a Fake Iconic Punk Band

The inside story of Something She, the best fictional band in years.
Zach Schonfeld

A Guide to Harry Nilsson, Who You've Loved Forever Without Knowing It

The songwriting savant has brought us a lot more than “Gotta Get Up” from 'Russian Doll.' From 60s pop to 70 decadence, here’s a primer.
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Rank Your Records

Panda Bear Lovingly Ranks His Solo Catalogue

Noah Lennox scrutinises his weirdo-pop career – including the long-forgotten CD he made as a teenager.
Zach Schonfeld

The Life and Times of Lonnie Holley, Survivor in a Fucked-Up America

This year's most powerful protest album was made by a 68-year-old man from Alabama who makes junk sculptures.
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Internet Exploring

I Accidentally Convinced Voters That Donald Trump Hates Pavement

But what WOULD Trump think of Pavement though?
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I Saw Savages Nine Times in 19 Days

The band had a month-long stay in New York to prep their new album, which might be called 'The Answer.'
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Objectively Correct Lists

Arcade Fire 'Funeral' 10th Anniversary Retrospectives and Thinkpieces, Ranked

'Funeral' turned ten, and the internet decided you should read their feelings on it.
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Humans of Nick Cave: A Very Bad Seeds Ethnography

"I thought he was this amazing mash-up of Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, and Satan."
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The Greatest Things Of All Time

We Interviewed a Ton of Dads About Dad Rock

How do dads feel about Jeff Tweedy, and how many of them actually own Crocs? We investigated.
Zach Schonfeld

We Interviewed the Shit Out of the Dude from Smash Mouth

Hey now, you're an all star, answer questions, go play
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