Zing Tsjeng

Zing is the executive editor of VICE UK and the author of the Forgotten Women book series. She specialises in women's and LGBTQ rights, politics, culture and lifestyle. 


This Is What's Happening with the Gender Recognition Act

You can blame Brexit for stymying plans to reform how trans people gain legal recognition of their gender.
Zing Tsjeng
2 days ago
LFF 2019

A Heist Movie Like This Shouldn't Exist. But Thank God It Does

We spoke to the director of 'Lucky Grandma', a powerful new Asian-American film about a cunning 86-year-old auntie.
Zing Tsjeng
4 days ago
Fill Me In

What We Learned from the UK's Biggest Poll About Lip Fillers

An alarming number of young people surveyed by our Snapchat survey told us they viewed non-surgical cosmetic procedures as akin to getting a haircut or a manicure.
Zing Tsjeng
Brexit Power Ranking

Brexit Power Ranking: Is Michael Gove Okay?

The Cabinet Office boss appeared to be swaying during Jeremy Corbyn's speech in Parliament.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
Zing Tsjeng

Boris Johnson's Suspension of Parliament Ruled Unlawful by Supreme Court

Jeremy Corbyn is already calling for his resignation.
Zing Tsjeng
Fill Me In

Fill Me In: Read VICE's New Series on the Dark Side of the Beauty Industry

People all over the UK undergo non-surgical treatments like fillers every year, but the industry operates almost completely unchecked.
Zing Tsjeng

Melanie C Wants Us All to Be Trans Allies

She's gone from the Spice Girls reunion to touring with drag artists Sink the Pink – now she's pushing for gender and sexuality acceptance, too.
Zing Tsjeng

Scotland Seems to Be Stalling in Its Push for Trans Rights

The country's holding another consultation on a legal statute called the Gender Recognition Act. Confused? Here's what that actually means.
Zing Tsjeng

Photos of LGBTQ People's 'Chosen Families'

Throughout history, LGBTQ people have found sanctuary from discrimination in chosen families – kinship groups and communities bound by shared identity, not blood.
Zing Tsjeng

Is He Cute, Or Just Very Tall?

A deep dive into dating as a vertically-gifted man and the women who love them.
Zing Tsjeng

These Queer People Wrote Love Letters to Their Younger Selves

Photographer Heather Glazzard asked LGBTQ people from the UK to pen notes to their teenage selves.
Zing Tsjeng
Save Yourselves

The Climate Change Paper So Depressing It's Sending People to Therapy

On average, three people read an academic paper. At least 100,000 have read this – and a lot of them haven't taken it very well.
Zing Tsjeng