More Drug Users Are Intentionally Using Fentanyl Amid Overdose Crisis, Study Finds

The way we think about harm reduction and fentanyl should change, Canadian researchers suggest.
Luke Ottenhof
17 hours ago

How Three Teen Sisters Were Allegedly Groomed into NXIVM Leader Keith Raniere's 'Sex Cult'

The self-help guru presented himself as a genius tutor and mentor who could help them deal with their parents' separation.
Sarah Berman
18 hours ago

What Some British Muslims Make of Boris Johnson as a PM Candidate

"Unfortunately, some people are so bored of politics that they see him as charming, funny and relatable. It will be tragic."
Salma Haidrani
19 hours ago
Question Of The Day

We Asked People in London: How Do You Feel About Theresa May Quitting?

In the wake of May's not-so-shock resignation, I went to Westminster to see how people felt about her departure from Number 10.
Jazmine Sleman
a day ago

What's Gone On This Week: My Milkshake Brings All the Yobs to the Shop

And they're like, "I'm going to throw this over a fascist."
a day ago

We Ranked Prospective Tory Prime Ministers in Order of Awfulness

Surprise: they're all bad.
Sirin Kale
2 days ago
Save Yourselves

Thousands of Kids Skipped School Today to Protest Climate Change

Look: here are some photos of some of them doing exactly that in London.
VICE Staff
2 days ago
Save Yourselves

We Spoke to Kids Skipping School for the Global Climate Strike

“Why do I care about the climate? I don't like dying.”
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
2 days ago

This Tokyo Art Party is a Clusterfuck of Clichés

"Paint Your Teeth" was more awkward than avant-garde.
Mike Sunda
2 days ago

Theresa May Achieved Nothing But the Destruction of Her Own Party

She claimed to have a zeal for dealing with helping the Left-Behinds, but left them behind as she failed to get to grips with a historical period of crisis.
Gavin Haynes
2 days ago

The Worst Bullshit in Theresa May's Goodbye Speech, Dissected

Her speech unsurprisingly glossed over her incompetence, her outright failures and her more heartless policies.
Simon Childs
2 days ago
Save Yourselves

Watch Our New Film About the Climate Strikes, 'Make the World Greta Again'

VICE takes a behind-the-scenes look at 16-year-old Greta Thunberg and other young protest organisers as they orchestrate their first global climate strike.
VICE Staff
2 days ago