The Acne ‘Miracle Drug’ with Links to Ten Suicides

In 2019, ten out of 12 deaths connected to Roaccutane were by suicide. So why are doctors still prescribing it?

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I Had to Move Out Because of My Housemates' Coronavirus Paranoia

My flatmates didn't give me much choice after I came back from a holiday in northern Italy.

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We Asked Every German Bundesliga Club What They Would Do If a Player Walked Off After Being Racially Abused

The Germans are more prepared than the Premier League.

10 hours ago
Life For Rent: We Broke Up, But My Ex Is Withholding My Deposit

Plus: what to do if a friend asks you to be a guarantor on their flat.


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How a Trans Woman's Murder Led to an App that Saves Lives

Trans women across Brazil know the dangers of just being themselves – so a Canadian researcher stepped in to help them.

Men Who Love Trans Women: The Software Guy

"It was easy for me to dip in whenever I wanted, get what I came for, and leave without being accountable. So that’s what I did."

Want to Transition? There's an App for That

Solace is a one-stop resource for people who know that they're trans but don't know where to start.

Sex and Relationships

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Trying to get over an ex? Worried about how to make a long-distance relationship work? These articles will teach you everything you need to know about dating and sex.

Are You Getting Any? I Used To Think Casual Sex Was Shameful – Now It’s Fun

Jade's views on sex have changed since going to uni.

Nightly Takeaways, Heavy Drinking: The Bad Habits My Ex Gave Me

From learning awful driving techniques to eating meat after being vegetarian for years – it can happen to any of us.

A Guide to Edging – The Art of Building Up to Extremely Intense Orgasms

The longer you hold off, the more intense the orgasm can be.

A Meat-Eater and a Veggie Review Pizza Hut’s New Vegan Stuffed Crust

The pizza hut giant just released a vegan version of an old classic. But is it worth the £2.50?

I Went to Planet Hollywood, Rainforest Cafe and Hard Rock to See Who Still Eats There

How do the three old tourist traps survive in a city full of decent, affordable food? Only one way to find out!

Britain's CBD Clampdown, Explained

One thing's for sure – if you're a fan of CBD-infused mattresses, you have nothing to worry about.


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Everything You Need to Know About Treating Cystic Acne

It’s different from other, more superficial types of types of acne like blackheads and whiteheads because it’s deeper down in your skin.

What Your Fringe Says About You

Tiny blunt fringe? 90s-style curtains? Coiffed like a walnut whip? Here’s what it means.

Beauty Ideals Have Changed a Lot Since 2010

We entered the decade with Cara Delevingne and statement eyebrows, now Kylie Jenner and the “Instagram face” are seen as the pinnacle of beauty.


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House Party Review: Headingley, Leeds

Leeds is a paradise.

A Beginner's Guide to Sex Parties

Events designed around hooking up might seem intimidating – but they're actually perfect for shy people looking to explore.

British Clubs Need to Stop Playing Roulette With Ravers' Lives

Last weekend, a young man died at a venue that was allegedly dangerously over-filled and not willing to hand out free tap water.


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More Young People Are Lonely – And They're Using Drink and Drugs to Help

A recent poll from organisation Turning Point showed that 54 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds get lonely, and 21 percent say they are intoxicated once a week or more.

The Pricey Scam That Thousands of University Students Are Falling for

The number of students paying essay ghost-writing companies to cheat has created another thriving industry of scammers selling completely bogus data.

Bullshit Job Diary: The Unemployed Art School Graduate Stuck in Job Centres

"I’m angry, despondent, frustrated, tired, and none of this is good enough."

Mental Health

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I Could Tell Who Had Drinking Problems. I Had to Serve Them Anyway

As a bartender, you either accept the gnawing feeling that you are putting your customers in danger – or you choose to ruin the party.

There’s a Mysterious Syndrome That Turns People Into Statues

Patients with catatonia look frozen on the outside. On the inside they feel overwhelmed by fear and anxiety.

Can't Believe Jake Paul Finally Cured Anxiety by Suggesting 'Chilling Out'

The YouTube star isn't "spreading awareness" for anything besides the pitfalls of taking celebrities' advice about your life.


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Life For Rent: We Broke Up, But My Ex Is Withholding My Deposit

Plus: what to do if a friend asks you to be a guarantor on their flat.

I Became a Landlord in My Twenties – and It Was Hell

One-third of millennials will never own a home. How does it feel to be one of the lucky ones?

Rental Opportunity of the Week: Please Do Not Rent This Murder Flat

No other building in the history of this column has said, to me, “someone was tied to a chair with an extension cable here”.

True Stories of Ingenious Ways People Outsmarted Their Boss

“I'd say, on average, I work about 30 mins to one hour a day.”

Sex Scenes Were a Convenient Excuse for Misconduct – Unions Are Changing That

In a huge step toward diminishing workplace harassment, new guidelines around intimacy coordinators – essentially, coaches for adult scenes – are making sets safer for actors.

I Tried to Quit Email

Abolish all emails.

Remembering 3 Non-Blondes, the UK's First Black Female Sketch Show

Back in 2003, BBC3 launched a trailblazing comedy featuring three black women. So why doesn't anybody remember it?

I Was a Weird Black Emo Teen in a Misery-Obsessed White Subculture

The return of My Chemical Romance has led me to rethink my place in emo, and emo's place in black culture.

Worst Opinion of the Week: As a White Man, I'm Great at Spotting Racism!

Two rich white men given centre-stage to lecture people of colour on how they should feel about prejudice? Sure!

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