The Uplifting Story of Britain's First Transgender Vicar

Carol Stone said she had two vocations: one was to be a priest and the other was to be a woman.

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A Few Warning Signs that Astrology Apps Might Be Ruining Your Life

Just a suggestion: constant notifications from The Pattern about your commitment style might not be that helpful!

12 hours ago
The Last Rag-and-Bone Man in London

Until the end of the 1970s, the scrap collectors were a familiar sight all over the city. Now, not so much.


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The Uplifting Story of Britain's First Transgender Vicar

Carol Stone said she had two vocations: one was to be a priest and the other was to be a woman.

Non-Binary People Tell Us Why They Need Legal Recognition

It’s not just about which toilet you use.

The Help LGBTQ Young People Really Need

IRL spaces run by queer people, like London's Mosaic, are helping young LGBTQ people understand themselves.

Sex and Relationships

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Are You Getting Any? I Bring My Dildo with Me on Dates

Hannah’s 'to-go bag' also includes lube and handcuffs.

The Drunken Matchmaking Festival That's Like an IRL Tinder

In the Irish village of Lisdoonvarna, thousands of single people gather every year to get drunk, dance and match-made by an elderly man named Willie.

Are You Getting Any? What Being ‘Greysexual’ Means for My Sex Life

Rory identifies most closely as 'greysexual', meaning that they only experience sexual desire under very specific conditions.

Here's What Extinction Rebellion Feed Thousands of Hungry Protesters

Vegan recipes for chilli sin carne and potato salad included.

Don't Leave Us, Pizza Express, You Tired, Old, Expensive Gem

With the news of the high street chain's financial woes, we thought it was worth looking at what the restaurant has come to represent.

How Britain Fell Out of Love with the Chinese Takeaway

For more than two decades, Chinese cuisine ruled. But new figures reveal that Chinese eateries are dwindling in the UK.


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How to Quit Your Shit Job and Become... a Professional Nail Artist!

Alice McColm left behind a monotonous, soul-sucking job in corporate retail to paint glam nails for a living.

The YouTuber Blending Make-Up Tutorials with Radical Politics

"We want bread – and glowy foundations, too!"

What We Learned from the UK's Biggest Poll About Lip Fillers

An alarming number of young people surveyed by our Snapchat survey told us they viewed non-surgical cosmetic procedures as akin to getting a haircut or a manicure.


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A Look Inside the Sexiest Trans-Inclusive Strip Night in America

'Hustlers' has nothing on Jolene, an event featuring both cis and trans performers that celebrates beauty in all kinds of gender expressions.

Touring the Worst-Rated Nightspots in… Chelmsford!

Confetti cannons and contouring make you feel alive.

Meet the ‘Angels’ Keeping London’s Gay Nightlife Scene Safe

Run by the LGBT Foundation and Westminster City Council, Soho Angels volunteers help people to party and get home safely.


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Exclusive: Uni Student Drop Outs Due to Mental Health Are Up 1,000%

Of the worryingly small number of universities that did record this information, withdrawals have risen 1084 percent in four years.

How More Than 12 Students at One University Ended Up Dead By Suicide

Why were there so many deaths at Bristol university?

For These Oxford Students, Blind Wine Tasting Isn’t Bullshit – It’s a Sport

Every year, the Oxford blind wine tasting society faces Cambridge in a tense competition to correctly identify unlabelled glasses of wine.

Mental Health

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'Dopamine Fasting' Is the Newest 'Sounds Fake, but OK' Wellness Trend

If everyone in Silicon Valley was taking a day-long vow of silence and forgoing fun, would you do it too?

Why Your Anxiety Always Feels Worse at Night

There's something about the hours between midnight and 5AM that send people's most anxious thoughts into overdrive.

Ellen and Science Confirm: Rich People Only Care About Themselves

Ellen and Bush don’t really make the strangest of bedfellows, and we have the studies to prove it.


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What the Downfall of WeWork Says About Tech Capitalism

Startup founder Adam Neumann took over real estate through hype and overvaluation. Now his chickens are coming home to roost.

Rental Opportunity of the Week: This Flat Has Truly Broken Me

I'm spiralling, and it has a lot to do with the state of this place.

How to Quit Your Shit Job and Become... a Professional Drag Queen!

RuPaul's Drag Race UK contestant Crystal gave up a soul-sucking job in corporate fashion to make a living out of being fabulous.

All the Ways Rain Is Going to Destroy Your Commute

Bus, train, bike or indeed scooter – like literally everything else, they're all terrible when it's pissing down.

How to Quit Your Shitty Job and Become a Barber

Meet a barber who ditched his soul-sucking recruiting job to chop hair.

Not White? You Might Struggle to Find an Organ Donor

One in five people who died in 2018 waiting for an organ transplant was from a BAME background. Campaigners are hoping a new law might change that.

Trump’s Impeachment Story Has Already Morphed Into a White Savior Narrative

Members like Maxine Waters and The Squad sounded the impeachment alarm early. So why were their actions cast aside as irrational?

The Environmental Movement Needs to Reckon with Its Racist History

Because racism in environmentalism hasn’t gone away, and it’s holding the movement back.

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