2005 week


What Your Old LiveJournal Music Says About You

In 2005, the internet was like the wild west for sharing your feelings. And posting music on LiveJournal was one of the best weapons we had.


Sugar, We're Still Goin' Down: A Tribute to the Gloriously Crappy Mall Rock of 2005

2005's mall rock hasn't all aged well, but damn it, we loved it.


Fergie Was a Hero for Peeing Her Pants on Stage

In 2005, Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas peed her pants on stage. Don't you dare mock her for this.


Popped Collars, Skinny Jeans, and The Pussycat Dolls: WTF Was Up with Fashion in 2005?

Maybe if we could see out from under our asymmetric haircuts, we'd have realized how terrible we looked.


Let’s All Take a Moment to Remember How Three 6 Mafia Saved Us in the Popped Collar Wars of 2005

The popped collar was a cultural flashpoint in 2005, but then "Poppin' My Collar" came out and took it back from the douchebags.


No One Remembers That Time Rihanna Was in a Destiny's Child Tribute Group?

Before she was Badgalriri, she was Kelly Rowland for an evening at the 2005 World Music Awards.


"Since U Been Gone" Was the Best Pop Song of 2005 and Also of All Time, Probably

Noisey investigates the cultural importance of the first pop hit built like an indie rock single.


Wait 'Til You See This List: A Tribute to the Gloriously Horny Songs of 2005

2005, baby: What a time to be alive and trying to fuck.


Lights Will Guide Us Home: A Tribute to the Gloriously Corny Songs of 2005

From The Fray to John Mayer to James Blunt to Coldplay, these were the songs that rocked you to tears.


Losing Our Edge: 2005, the Year the Mainstream Hijacked Indie Rock

The ideology behind these artists was decidedly indie, which was to say alt, which was to say, anti-corporate and pro-creative freedom. But the way they broke into mainstream culture was old school.


Armor For Sleep's 'What To Do When You Are Dead' Ten Year Retrospective

We talked to Ben Jorgensen what it was like to be at the center of the scene in 2005.


It’s the Ten-Year Anniversary of Realizing ‘Garden State’ Sucked

Eleven years ago, Zach Braff released his indie cult classic. A year later, we rewatched it and realized we’d made a huge mistake.