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What Is The Grammys' Beef With Black Women?

Women were shut out of this year’s Grammys, but SZA’s five-nomination snub felt like watching Beyoncé lose all over again.
Kristin Corry
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Adele Wins Every Single Grammy She Was Nominated For, Shocks Us All

She continues on her mission to single-handedly prop up the British recording industry.
Lauren O'Neill
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Watch Adele Freak Onstage Because A Bat Flew Into Her Concert

"Fucking bat!" – Adele, 2016.
Lauren O'Neill
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Adele Has Cemented Her Status As Banter Royalty

This was her Halloween costume.
Lauren O'Neill

Canadian Doctors Conflicted On What Legal Age for Pot Smoking Should Be

Docs are pretty split on whether it should 19, 21, or 25.
Ebony-Renee Baker
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Let the Tears Flow for Adele's Performance of "Water Under The Bridge" on Fallon

Adele season is here to stay.
John Hill
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Adele's '25' Is on Track to Set the Record for Single Week Album Sales

She's selling on track with projections, which would put her above *NSYNC's first-week record of 2.42 million copies sold.
Kyle Kramer

Hollow From The Countryside: Adele’s Album Agonises Over Loneliness Rather Than Heartbreak

It a record that's unwilling to revisit old haunts IRL, preferring instead to sit at home and retrace those steps emotionally.
Moya Lothian-McLean
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The Noisey Christmas Gift Guide for 2015

From your mum to your ex to your work secret Santa, we've figured out exactly what you need to buy everyone this Christmas!
Emma Garland
Ryan Bassil
Joe Zadeh
Sam Wolfson
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Adele Is so Good at Writing Pop Songs She Just Recently Found Out Who Max Martin Was

When you're the world's number one pop star, who needs the world's number one songwriter?
Kyle Kramer
Holy Shit

Dust Off Your Tear Ducts! Adele Has Released the Video for "Hello", Her First New Song in 3 Years

The British music industry is saved, etc.