3D animation


[Premiere] A Solo Jazz Pianist Gets Overtaken by a Fractal Universe in This Gorgeous Music Video

Pianist Tigran Hamasyan’s hypnotic “The Cave of Rebirth” meet Julius Horsthuis’ infinite fractal landscapes in a stunning music video directed by Ruben van Leer.


Masterpiece Paintings Come to Life with Animated Polygons

Jake Hollomon takes masterpieces from art history and gives them an animated twist.


Artists Imagine Life After a Total Internet Collapse

At Eastern Block’s ‘The Dead Web - La Fin’ exhibition, artists warn of a great collapse.


Get Physical with Esteban Diacono’s Unbelievable Body Animations

The Argentinian motion graphics designer makes human bodies do the impossible in his mesmerizing animations.


Surreal 3D Animated Music Video Seeks for the Meaning of Life

French visual artist Quentin Deronzier pulls off 3D animated magic once again.


Jaw-Dropping CGI Water Droplets and Insects Interact in a Macro World

Hayao Miyazaki's 'Boro the Caterpillar' might have a run for its money.


Sculpted Sugar Cubes Create a Fantastical Winter Fantasia

Karni and Saul craft a crystalline world in the animated music video for Katie Melua’s atmospheric ballad “Perfect World.”


Enter a Hyperlink Gallery of Cutting Edge Videos

Transfer Gallery’s Kelani Nichole stacks a dozen videos in a single hyperlinked space.


Daedelus Invites You to Remix His 3D 'Labyrinths' Album Art

Remix and expand the ‘Labyrinths’ album with an interactive, real-time music player.


The 3D Hologram Whale Just Keeps Swimming

A hologram whale pulses with 'life from inside a computer,' in a futuristic animation by Treat Studios.


This Game Engine-Rendered Sci-Fi Short Film's Graphics Are Jaw-Dropping

The Unity Demo Team show off new digital filmmaking tools in their latest short film, 'Adam.'


130 Different People Form One Uncanny CGI Character

British Artist Ed Atkins has created a rambling, bald figure from the motion recordings of 130 people.