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BRITAIN = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A Guide for Brits Who Want to Move to Canada After Brexit

So your country has made a fucking awful irreversible decision and you want to move to Canada, mate? Just click on this already.
Jack Urwin

Can Men and Women Ever Just Be Friends? An Investigation

We asked some smart friends why they aren't shagging.
Jack Urwin and Emily Reynolds

How the Sputtering Oil and Gas Industry Is Destroying Men

Men are falling behind in one Canadian oil town and, not surprisingly, they aren't handling it well.
Jack Urwin

Why You Shouldn't Hold People's Old Embarrassing Internet Bullshit Against Them

As recently as five years ago, I was a terrible human with terrible opinions, and a real knack for posting those opinions online. While those Twitter posts are still exactly the same, I've changed.
Jack Urwin
punk in love

Punk Has Shamelessly Ignored Women, But Is It the Only Place Men Can Get Emotional?

When so little important conversation is had between young men, loud, angry music is one of the few arenas in which they are afforded rare moments of weakness in their lyrics.

Is It Possible to Be Both Socially Conscious and Happy?

We had a chat with someone from the charity Action for Happiness about whether it's possible to be truly happy in the face of all the terrible shit constantly going on around the world.
Jack Urwin

England, Which One of You Left This Big Bag of Crystal Meth in My Backpack?

An interview with a girl who found a large quantity of meth that didn't belong to her about what happens when you find a large quantity of meth that doesn't belong to you.
Jack Urwin

Why Time Off School Can Be More Important Than Any GCSE Science Lesson

Last week, a British mum and dad were slammed for taking their kids out of school during a difficult time for the family. This is why that criticism is complete bullshit.
Jack Urwin, Illustration: Dan Evans

We Got Some of Our Ex-Boyfriends and Girlfriends to Review Us as Lovers

"I think, deep down, you're a good person – whatever that means. But you are also careless and exhausting and a bit unstable."
VICE Staff

Working a Minimum Wage Job Should Be the New National Service

A year in the shoes of a low-paid worker might give Britain's political leaders a little more perspective.
Jack Urwin, Illustrations: Dan Evans

A Stiff Upper Lip Is Killing British Men

Talk about what's on your mind and it could end up saving your life.
Jack Urwin, Illustrations: Dan Evans

The British Military Is Less Transphobic Than the British Public

I spent the day with Christina Bentley, the UK's first transgender RAF police officer.
Jack Urwin