A Year of Lil Wayne


Lil Wayne Changed the Internet Forever

A decade ago, Weezy's string of releases reimagined what rap could be, and created a blueprint musicians are still following today.


This Is the Last Day of A Year of Lil Wayne

In closing, some reflections on "Something You Forgot," the best Lil Wayne song.


The 100 Best Lil Wayne Songs

A Year of Lil Wayne determines the official rankings.


"Bling Bling" Was Just the Best Thing Ever

The song isn't just Lil Wayne's breakout moment; it's also a foundational part of rap itself.


Kanye West and Lil Wayne Represent the Twin Poles of Art

On Wayne's "Lollipop (Remix)," they are set free to be weird and shine as lyricists.


Streetrunner Remembers the Moment Lil Wayne Started 'Tha Carter III'

One of Wayne's go-to producers talked to A Year of Lil Wayne about leaks, the never-released 'I Can't Feel My Face,' and more.


Beyoncé and Destiny's Child Changed Lil Wayne's Life with “Soldier”

“That song right there, that verse, them little eight bars right there—that got me there.”


Eat Some Lasagne in Honour of Lil Wayne's Best Punchline

Real Gs move in silence like lasagne.


"Prom Queen" and Lil Wayne's Rock Star Angst

With 'Rebirth,' Lil Wayne imagined an alternate past for himself, while we got to imagine him as the only emo band we ever needed.


OK Bitches, It's Weezer and It's Weezy

Is this the greatest musical collaboration ever forged? Probably!


You Only Live Once, but You Can Think Twice About Lil Wayne

"The Motto" was where Lil Wayne jumped the shark—only to swim to the butt. OK, maybe this metaphor doesn't work.


Lil Wayne Invented the Sound of Modern Drug Rap with "Me and My Drank"

When you think of syrup in songs now, you think of woozy Auto-Tune.