• 5.22.17

      Dressed Can

      Make a fancy cocktail right in your can of beer.

    • 2.6.17

      Meet the Foragers Getting High on Mugwort

      I joined British pub owner and forager Richard Osmond in search of mugwort, a relative of wormwood, the flavouring agent in absinthe. It’s also known for the inducement of weird dreams.

    • 8.18.16

      This Isn't Your Grandfather's Absinthe

      What began as a hobby in a New York apartment eventually became Standard Wormwood Distillery, producing oak-aged, rye-based absinthe.

    • 8.8.16

      A Gonzo Journey Through Berlin's Absinthe Bars

      Berlin has four absinthe bars. I don’t think that’s nearly enough, as there are 3.5 million people in Berlin. I decided to visit them in one night to see if I, in not becoming a degenerate, might encourage the building of more.

    • 7.31.16

      In Prague, Better Alcohol Means Better Absinthe

      Prague is lousy with tourists shops offering artificially coloured and flavoured "Czech-style absinthes,” but a small group of absinthe enthusiasts is leading the charge to bring fine cocktails and spirits to the city.

    • 5.22.16

      Friends Don't Let Friends Burn Absinthe

      Marc Bernhard, a craft absinthe distiller based in Washington, knowns that the green fairy won't make you hallucinate, and he rails against the popular practice in some bars of lighting the sugar cube on fire.

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